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Lucky Daye Glistens on Sophomore Album, "Candydrip"

R&B today continues to evolve and shift at such a fast rate. At this point in time, the list of amazing, contemporary R&B artists continues to grow at outstanding numbers. However, a name that should be most certainly be noted amongst that list is no other than Lucky Daye. David Brown, known to the world as the sensational Lucky Daye has finally returned with yet another moving body of art. The New Orleans, Grammy-nominated crooner is back with his sophomore album, Candydrip.

Released Thursday (Mar. 11), the polished Candydrip holds 17 tracks and runs for nearly an hour. Candydrip follows Daye's 2021 EP, Table For Two, and his 2019 debut album, Painted. Poetically charged and filled with purpose and intention, Lucky Daye uses his sophomore album to generate an honest love letter in which he weaves through the ups and downs of modern-day love/romance. His brilliant artistic display begins on the album's opening spoken-word intro. Piecing his thoughts together suavely he delicately begins his love letter as he praises this mystery woman. From her internal beauty to her physical assets, he uses his words to swoon his lover.

Following that moment, Daye goes an undeniably amazing run. Lucky Daye uses the next tracks to celebrate the divinity that is a woman. From the electrifying, Smino-assisted "God Body," to the sultry, fiery, innovative, Usher-sampling "Guess," Daye praises both the external and internal facets of women and his lover. He envisions what life feels like with her and this world of beautiful black love. The instrumentation and flawless vocal display are both filled with funk, passion, and groovy goodness. While a bit different for Daye, "NWA" teams him up with Lil Durk for the first time as they deliver this confident, bouncy, Trap&B jam. The seamlessness of the album is outstanding as each song immaculately flows directly into the next.

Along with the unparalleled vocal talent seen within the album, the instrumentation here is honestly some of the absolute best ever heard on an album. The intentionality felt inside the album leaves chills down your spine. From every background vocal (shout out to the untouchable Alex Isley who is heard on several of the album's songs), beat selection, and instrument utilized, Candydrip is filled with purpose.

As the love letter continues, Daye continues to use the first half of Candydrip painting this beautiful narrative of modern love and the pursuit of it. "Deserve" intensifies this longing for clarity in love. Once viewers reach the halfway mark of the album, the love letter's energy shifts. Lucky Daye then utilizes the second half of the project to divulge deeper into his mental state as he struggles with securing real love, navigating through both his own emotions & lust and defeating toxic cycles seen within relationships and love. The turning point begins with Candydrip's lead single, "Over." Here, Lucky struggles with choosing himself over this toxic back-and-forth cycle in his relationship. The idea of this tug-of-war continues throughout the latter half of the project. For example, on "Compassion,' Daye desires partnership, trust, and actual compassion... whereas on the slow-burning "F****n Sound," his focus dwells on the actual physicality of sex.

Nearing the album's end, the introspection further grows. "Used to Be" acts as a send-off to Lucky's lover. While it hurts, he's man enough to accept that the pairing has died while acknowledging the beauty in what once was. It is easily one of the most heartfelt songs on the entire album. Lucky's delivery is equally both haunting and thrilling simultaneously. "Fever" reciprocates this very same energy as he asks for his lover to come back to him. Despite shortcomings, pain, and loss, he doesn't end Candydrip on a sad note. "Cherry Forest" finds him discovering joy in his storm as he embraces the new beginnings set before him. The melody is so warm and soulful. The album's finale, "Ego," is an expression of self-awareness. Lucky Daye accepts the challenge of working on his ego, thoughts, and internal development... but he's still very much stuck in love.

Ultimately, Candydrip is an exceptional project. The album breaks down the inner workings of Lucky’s heart and transports listeners through his various emotions, stages, and dealings with love, sex, loss, self-awareness, and growth. As a 36-year-old, Lucky Daye speaks both to and about love as a true grown man. He stays in the lane he's created for himself and does not try to sound like anything other than himself. The album is mature at heart, saturated with deeper meanings. However, it can be consumed and dissected by people of all ages. Much like its artwork, Candydrip encapsulates this sticky sensation that candy leaves. Its outer essence is so very slick & smooth while its core oozes funkadelic appeal and sensations unlike other r&b acts currently out.

Lucky Daye is here and will be here for as long as he pleases.

Stream Lucky Daye's Candydrip below.

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