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Unveiling SZA's Celestial Ballad: A Review of "Saturn"

If Solána Rowe, aka SZA, does anything, she will create a wonderful melody that frees your spirit from the body. While we await (somewhat impatiently) the release of S.O.S' Deluxe, LANA, the 4-time Grammy Award winner gave fans a treat with the soft and gentle, "Saturn." Released Thursday (Feb. 22), what appears to be LANA's first single, "Saturn," finds the 34-year-old fed up with the monotonous patterns of life. Longing for more than what the dull world has continually given her, she ponders on new beginnings, new life, and new experiences in another world; Thus delivering the conception of the song and its title.

The tranquil track contains a string of producers - Carter Lang, Rob Bisel, Solomonophonic, & Monsune who create the serene scene of purity and innocence as SZA's harmonious, melodic vocals simply float throughout the song. As "Saturn" begins, SZA asks if there's more to life than what she has currently been experiencing. Unamused, unphased, and underwhelmed, she gently wonders if there is another universe in the galaxy that can take her away from the normalcy of this current hell she's in.

"If there's another universe/Please make some noise (Noise)/Give me a sign (Sign)/This can't be life/If there's a point to losing love/Repeating pain (Why?)/It's all the same (Same)/I hate this place."

The production is reminiscent of the singer's debut album CTRL and fills listeners' ears and veins with this ironic sense of calmness although she is singing about wanting a new life and leaving the Earth and its negativities. Her delivery is flawless and the song is quite frankly one of her best deliveries. Emotive, passionate, and moving, SZA releases her intrusive thoughts in such a beautiful yet chaotic form that it brings euphoria to listeners (weird, right?).

SZA performed the record for the first time following her scheduled performance in a bonus performance during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards held last month. Following the performance social media went insane wanting the record to be released. Hearing her fans, she (actually) delivered and released the song on all streaming platforms.

While LANA was speculated to drop back in December 2023, there have been no official confirmation dates besides knowing that it will be released this year. However, SZA has teased the project with a plethora of potential album covers.

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