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Spoiled Brats Stand Up: Bryson Tiller Delivers Contagious Anthem, "Whatever She Wants"

To all the women who were spoiled rotten and never told no, your time is now. With love still roaming in this love month of February, Mr. Bryson Tiller has returned with another hard hitter from his "Tiller Tuesdays" series. This time around, the Louisville phenom sets his attention on the ladies with the charming, sensational new single, "Whatever She Wants." Released the day before Valentine's Day, Tuesday (Feb. 13), Tiller goes full throttle over the sharp TylianMTB-produced banger.

The message? Simple. Tiller makes it clear that he's ok with being tricked on. He is willing to provide any and everything for his lover. There is no limit to what she can have because the limit does not exist. Life with Tiller is limitless.

"I'ma take her bougie a** to Rodeo and then let her pick up whatever she want/ CC, Gucci, hit Bottega, whatever she want/ She piss me off, somehow she still get whatever she want/ Talking 'bout her nails, I'm finna nail her a** at home/ Hit it in the shower, made her tell me where she want (Huh)/ Like I'm singin' Mase, I made her tell me what she want (Huh, huh)..."

Here, Tilleer is in his element, and the flow shows. Line after line, he delivers a bravado within the song that not only makes listeners believe in the very lyrics he presents on the wax but also amplifies the song to even higher levels. He makes it so that despite his wealth, sexual prowess, and swag, his lover is still running the show. Even when she aggravates him, he's still ready to drop several bags (literally) on her. He's wrapped around her finger and he has no problem declaring it.

The visuals heighten the song showcasing vast amounts of cash, bodacious, alluring women, and a renewed yet masked Tiller taking his lady around to shop in Beverly Hills.

The sound feels very refreshing as we see and hear the 31-year-old returning to his rap roots. There's a sense of enjoyment in his delivery and it appears that he is re-establishing his rhythm and discovering that passion that landed him big on the music scene back in 2015. "Whatever She Wants" follows after January's Slum Tiller, Volume 3.

His upcoming, highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Serenity is expected to be released this year and will consist of 3 parts as Tiller has shared it will be a three-volume body of work. One project is to be rap, another will be pop, and another project will be R&B. Nonetheless, Mr. Pen Griffey is really back, has regained his vision, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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