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Unapologetic and Unstoppable: Cardi B's "Like What (Freestyle)" Strikes Back at Her Haters and Rivals

Cardi B Like What (Freestyle) Artwork

From various ongoing beefs & public issues with the father of her children to the world wondering, "Cardi, where is the music?" Cardi B has been scrutinized, discussed, and dissected heavily over the last couple of years. However, instead of losing focus, the 31-year-old is letting her foot live on the gas and unleashing some new heat.

"Ayo, let me put some gas in this motherf**kin' year, b***h. I ain't really talked my sh** in a minute."

With her first solo single since 2021's "Up," Cardi B is back, gassed up, and ready to get a few things off her chest in the booth. Released Friday (Mar. 1), "Like What (Freestyle)" declares Cardi is just getting started. Surprising the world Thursday with a teaser, Ms. Cardi B is back with her calm, yet full-throttle "Like What (Freestyle)." Sampling Missy Elliott's 1999 single, "She's a Bitch," Cardi runs with that theme and reclaims her role of the biggest, baddest b***h of them all. Produced by DJ SwanQo, Sean Island, OctaneThisThatGas & Lateef the Truthspeaker, "Like What" not only pays homage to the legend, but breathes an invigorating new life into Missy's hit adding Cardi's swag, sh*t talking, and hood elegant appeal as she reminds listeners, critics, and haters alike that they have not and will never stop her bag, motion, and growth.

"First, that b***h hate me, then this b***h hate me/ And somehow, they link up and they become friends, like, how?/B***h, pipe down (Pipe down)/Moodboard, all y'all imitatin' my style (Mm)/Bad b***h, red lips, let me show you/White toes, eatin' yellowtail out of Nobu/Uh, keep a hater obsessed/In my comments, havin' a d**k suckin' contest (Contest)/I'm pressure, y'all pressed (Y'all pressed)/Y'all don't get addressed, y'all's gettin' outdressed, look (Okurrr)."

Although she does pop her sh*t and chin-checks the opposition, Cardi does it in a rather laid-back way... Her delivery is calm, cool, and collected. She executes in a manner that radiates queendom and not searching for approval. She reminds everyone that whatever trends they have discovered now, she's been light years ahead. She praises her wealth, attractiveness, and assets as she raps, "Big ass yacht and I'm havin' sex on it/Her life so trash, think I put a hex on it/B***hes be laughin', like, ho, what's funny?/You braggin' on a n*gga that be dyin' to f**k me (F**k me)."

There's a sense of renewed confidence and cockiness Cardi B breathes into the record and the accompanying visual further aids in that execution. Directed by her estranged husband, Offset the video showcases a sexy, flawless, Cardi in glamorous, minimal clothing and luxury as she unapologetically struts through a massive mansion. As the video ends, a live caption reading "This is just the beginning" appears leaving many to believe the time has come for the follow-up to Cardi's 2018 Grammy-winning album Invasion of Privacy. Cardi is coming.

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