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Don't Call it a Comeback: Exploring the Captivating Sound of Ryan Destiny's 'How Your Hands Feel'

With her first official single in over a year, Detroit's princess, Ryan Destiny is (finally) back with more mm, mm good music for the soul. There is a mysterious, charming energy that Ryan Destiny delivers in honestly... everything she creates. "How Your Hands Feel" not only does just that but restores that true R&B connection & feeling from beginning to end.

Released Friday (Feb. 16), "How Your Hands Feel is emotive. Over the nostalgic Trackside-produced record, Destiny tries to forget the fiery touch of a former flame. While trying to navigate past the previous romance, she longs for passion, intensity, and intentionality. Her voice cradles the production effortlessly and heavenly blends with it to create such an impressive moment. She blesses the track as she tells the narrative of trying to move forward but looking slightly back at what once was. The song shows further growth in Destiny's artistry and creativity as she continues to experiment with her sound.

Both her alluring vocals and vivid lyricism further amplify this shadowy mystique associated with Ryan and she truly executes in a way that stands out from her previous works. She tells a tale that listeners of all types can relate to - missing a past relationship as well as its carnality that simply left an unforgettable mark on them.

"If you can't show me what's good tonight/Then what's good with someone else?

I try to forget/How your hands feel (My heart)/How your hands feel (And it's all, it's all bad, it's all bad)/How your hands feel (My heart)/How your hands feel (And it's all, it's all bad, it's all bad)

'Cause he can't do it like that (My heart)/Oh, 'cause he can't do it like that (My heart)

(My heart)"

"How Your Hands Feel" is restorative, nostalgic, and invigorating. There is a sparkle that Ryan Destiny delivers within this song that leaves you wanting more. And while the 29-year-old has yet to announce a project of any type, "How Your Hands Feel" makes several strides in the right direction and hopefully means 2024 will be the year of RD.

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