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Lucky Daye Brings Love and Feels On New Valentine's Day-inspired EP, "Table For Two"

With Valentine's Day only a couple days away, Lucky Daye is back to inspire all of the lovers! It's a no-brainer that Valentine's Day (and the month of February in general) is one of the most anticipated / celebrated times of the year. Couples across the world come together to commemorate their love for one another in various methods and ways. Following his Grammy-nominated debut album, Painted, the N.O.L.A. born, L.A. raised singer/songwriter is back and even deeper in his bag with an all-new project, "Table For Two." Released Today (Feb. 12), as a surprise, the compact EP holds only 7 songs and runs for nearly 25 minutes. Conceptual, each track from Table For Two holds a (handpicked) female guest feature. Artists such as Ari Lennox, Tiana Major9, Mahalia, Queen Naija, Yebba, and Joyce Wrice lend their beautiful vocals throughout the EP exhibiting multiple facets of today's R&B in six smooth duets.

The project begins with the futuristic "Ego Trip" intro. Here, listeners are introduced to Daye's concept for "Table For Two." After identifying himself, he's directed to leave his ego at the entrance as his tables (...for two) are set. Much like internet dating, each of the following songs act as a series of dates between Daye and his featured talents.

The tone is set with the EP's first actual duet "How Much Can A Heart Take." Recruiting Yebba's serene vocals, the opener focuses on commitment or... the lack of. Yebba takes authority firstly as she sings about dealing with someone who's feelings "change like phases of the moon." Feeling mutually drained and used, Lucky Daye highlights the male's perspective. He too is done with the games. His money is gone, his heart is heavy, and the love is lost. They each desire their love and hard efforts to be reciprocated and they each ask one another how much more can be placed on their hearts before enough is enough. They long for something real.

As the experience continues, Daye takes listeners to their next destination arriving on the EP's lead single, "On Read," featuring Tiana Major9. This time around, Lucky Daye creates the atmosphere beginning his verse. Hopelessly in love and in heavy pursuit of this woman, Daye airs his frustrations out on being left on read when he's simply trying to do what he can to gain access and commitment to her. On the contrary, Tiana Major9 assumes a more unapologetic position justly denying this reckless lover of her accessibility due to his lack of accountability and credibility. The melody is fiery and the chorus is striking. The two create a true standout moment on the EP.

Sadness continues on the melancholic, rainy "My Window." Sampling Ann Peebles' "I Can't Stand the Rain," the record showcases the end of a relationship. Here, Mahalia begins as she sings about potentially calling it quits on this partnership. She's fed up with the turmoil that has come from the relationship and she no longer wants to force this toxic pairing.

Lucky Daye again follows after his female counterpart taking note of her feelings. He sees her disappointment and weary heart. While acknowledging that his partner's love shakes his core, he also confirms that the two really should not try to force what is now dead. The seeds have been sown, and this season of the two's love has come to an end.

Although seemingly gloomy and despondent, "Table For Two" does slightly increase in tempo. On the steamy, island vibe, "Access Denied," Ari Lennox and Lucky come together as they sing about two individuals who fear love, thus limiting their reachability. Despite the fear, they can't avoid one another as they control each other's hearts. Much like cat-and-mouse, the two go back and forth in this game of lust and love. Even though they are scared, they are equally consumed by the rush of one another's presence and sex.

Warm and nostalgic, "Dream" pairs Lucky & Queen Naija together and delivers utter feels. This song sums up the overall meaning behind Valentine's Day. It's not about the fancy dinners or gifts, but the true love each unit possesses. Filled with nothing but admiration and appreciation, the two sing about being so infatuated with each other that they would rather stay sleep if this love is a dream. From production to the individual verses, and vocal display, the song feels just right. It's the embodiment of what love is. Despite the up's and down's the two are willing to navigate through the sea of issues. What matters is the insurmountable love that the two have for one another.

On "Table For Love's" final song, "Falling In Love," Lucky recruits Joyce Wrice to solidify the Lover's day project. The two come together with the same mission in mind: Establishing a real, deep love that is not wasteful of either's time. They've both obviously been through the ringer before when it comes to dealing with someone in the past and they want it clearly expressed that this encounter shall not continue the cycle. The theme of hesitancy in love continues to display as the two sing:

"Now baby don't go playin' with my lovin'

Don't make me regret fallin' in love, fallin' in love

Search far and wide, you'll never find my lovin'

Don't make me regret fallin' in love, fallin' in love."

Overall, just like at any of your favorite restaurants, Table For Two is a necessary appetizer. Although it starts off a bit slow, the project is filled with pertinent, meaningful truths for both women and men to enjoy. Table For Two builds momentum for Lucky (and listeners) as fans await his highly anticipated Sophomore album. What truly is striking about TFT is Lucky Daye's authenticity. He remains true to both his artistry and what the image of love looks like to him.

Musically, Lucky's voice is alluring. He provides an undeniable vocal talent that leaves you wanting more regardless of topic. The features are perfect because of their intentionality. Everything is purpose driven and it helps to amplify the story Lucky provides for everyone. The production is very futuristic and dynamic. The nostalgic percussive texture, along with the aforementioned sonic futurism makes the project's play very reminiscent of past R&B while generating an all new experience. Table for Two is realistic. While love is not always perfect, with the right person it's worth it. This does not mean that bumps will not arise, trials and tribulations won't come, and waters shall not be tested. Instead, it shows that all love can be trying, but the right love overcomes every season. Because of that, it makes it perfect for Valentine's Day weekend.

You can stream Lucky Daye's Table For Two below on Apple Music or listen above via YouTube.

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