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JMW's Top 10 Songs of June 2021

Well, we've officially made it to Summer 2021. Only a week and some change into it and there has been much heat both musically and literally speaking! During the month of June, there was a VAST amount of new sounds, experiences, and projects that really set off this scorching season perfectly. And with that being said, let's look at some of my top tracks from this month.

1. Wale - Angles (feat. Chris Brown)

What is the summer without an anthem that makes you feel like you're on vacation every time you play it? And of course, it was only right that two of music's greats provided the summer banger that I simply didn't know I needed. Both Wale and Chris Brown came together and created utter magic with Wale's "Angles." Arriving as his lead single from his forthcoming project, Folarin 2 the two come together and create a pure embodiment of what summer feels like for many... good vibes and great days. From Chris' dazzling hook to Wale's witty, clever bars, the song is perfect for me. It makes me want to be outside honestly.

2. Migos - Type Sh*t (feat. Cardi B)

After 3 years of waiting and slight delays, Migos made SURE that the summer was theirs for the taking by finally releasing the third segment in their "Culture" series with Culture 3. While I genuinely enjoy pretty much majority of the songs from the album, I think the song that truly gets me hype EVERY single time I play is the "Type Sh*t" cut with Cardi. With an energy much reminiscent of Culture 2's "Motorsport," "Type Sh*t" amplifies that energy even the more.

While Take, Set, and Quavo provide that same high charisma and relentless flow, it is Cardi (in my opinion) who takes the song to higher dimensions. Her flow is gritty, sharp, and tenacious. Every word she utters out her mouth is stated with pure intention and deliberation. She really ripped the track and made it a truly memorable song and moment for the album.

3. Megan Thee Stallion - Thot Sh*t

Following her huge success at the 63rd Annual Grammy's back in March, the hot girl took a brief hiatus to re-center, refocus, experience new love, and most importantly, rest. Following that brief pause period, she began her transformation back into the infamous "Tina Snow." Once the recovery period was finalized, Ms. Snow returned to the scene with a brand new single, "Thot Shit"

Both the track and the visual literally made MANY points. If there's anything Meg is going to do... it's talk her sh*t. "Thot Sh*t" finds Tina Snow floating over LilJuMadeDaBeat's sinister production. Aggressive, direct, and fearless, Megan rips the beat with ease. Much like many of her freestyles in previous years, she goes off on the beat from beginning to end. She addresses her haters, critics, and more while reminding them that she only grows hotter with time. For me, the flow was there, the bars were there, and the execution was flawless.

4. Doja Cat - I Don't Do Drugs (feat. Ariana Grande)

Softening things up a bit, I found myself truly engaged with Doja Cat's third album, Planet Her. released nearly a week ago, the project is dope from beginning to end. I've been saying for some time now that Doja is the future and with each work, she continues to prove my point.

Having undeniable rap ability, she flawlessly meshes mainstream pop with genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Afrobeats, rock, and even more. Whatever box her critics and others try to place her inside, she literally tears it down. I truly enjoyed the entire album. However, a cut that I surprisingly cannot get enough of is the Pop gem, "I Don't Do Drugs," featuring the incomparable Ariana Grande.

On their third collaboration, the two compare their lovers to... drugs. They reflect on the ways that the two are similar. While they know they are not essentially good for them, they're hooked and simply cannot get enough. I'm not a huge pop guy, but if it's Doja or Ari, you can guarantee that I'll listen. Bubbly, sensational, and upbeat, the two create this unforgettable moment on the album that leaves you wanting even more collaborations from them in the future.

5. Pierre Bourne - Biology 101

Now at this point in our lives, most people have heard Pi'erre Bourne (the producer) before. If you think you haven't, just look back Playboi Carti's iconic "Magnolia" track. However, if this is your first time tapping into Pierre Bourne the artist (as well as producer still haha), you'll enjoy him.

Released in the earlier part of this month, Bourne brings his world to us on his newest project The Life of Pierre 5. Filled with larger-than-life production and irresistible charisma, Pi'erre zones out in his own universe filled with wealth, luxury, and a whole of stunting. One of my favorite cuts from this project arrives at the mesmerizing "Biology 101."

This song has such a hold on me that from the first play I knew it had to go on this list. Be mindful, this is a list of MY top songs so yes, I loved this. Although repetitive, you instantly become lost in the sea of the flow, melody, and hypnotic production. Much like Wale's "Angles," it also makes me want to be outside.

6. Tyler, the Creator - Juggernaut

Another album released towards the very end of the month was none other than Mr. Tyler, the Creator's, Call Me IF You Get Lost. Although I'm still dissecting this project, let me just say the music is insanely amazing. I don't think I've heard a "bad" song yet (although this is all subjective).

On his seventh album, Tyler gets back to those pure Hip-Hop roots. While IGOR might have been for the feels, vibes, and alternative lovers, CMIYGL is utterly rap in its essence with sprinkles of some that same IGOR appeal. And we have to show love to the fact that Tyler pays homage to the 2000s by having DJ Drama host his album. Iconic.

Nonetheless, one of my favorite tracks on this project came with the monumental "Juggernaut" record. From the moment that beat goes bonkers, I knew this was going to the one. Tyler sets the tone with that stink face type rap before lobbing it to Lil Uz Vert. LET ME JUST SAY, UZI WENT OFF. His flow was clear, precise, and different! I loved every moment of it. If you thought that was enough, in a matter of seconds, Uzi then alley oops it to none other than Mr. Skateboard P, Pharrell Williams.

This trio did everything I needed and more. Much like the album, the song is great from start to freaking finish.

7. Lil Baby, Lil Durk & Travis Scott - Hats Off

Hat's off (haha see what I did there) to Lil Baby and Lil Durk for setting the atmosphere for this month with their joint project The Voice of the Heroes. While I enjoyed this project, "Hats Off" with Travis Scott was an immediate yes for me. Over this dramatic, theatrical appealing production, Baby and Durk glide through the record with ease. Here, Baby identifies himself as the hero while crediting Durk as the voice and acknowledging the roles they play on this project.

Both of these artists have been killing the past year almost effortlessly. They commend those who continue to be real despite the circumstances that life may bring them. Travis comes through with a swift verse that compliments Durk and Baby very well. The song is definitely another summer banger.

8. Juicy J - Take It (feat. Lord Infamous & Rico Nasty)

Now what screams, "WE OUTSIDE" more than a romp shaking banger from the legend himself, Juicy J. Arriving from his The Hustle Still Continues album, Juicy J joined forces with the one and only, Rico Nasty for their collab hit, "Take it!" As previously stated, this is one of those bangers you imagine hearing on a yacht surrounded by bodacious women as they take shots and throw ample amounts of posterior freely.

Juicy J, Lord Infamous, & Rico all understood the assignment clearly as they deliver a high energy, fiery summer jam that has you ready to get ACTIVE. Both Juicy and Rico did it for me. Juicy delivers his trademark flow while Rico's spits invigorating bars that keep you hype and equally matches the same aura as Juicy J.

9. Snoh Aalegra - Lost You

If you have no clue who Snoh Aalegra is, this is what is required of you: GO LISTEN NOW.

On a more serious note, Snoh is finally back with more music. With her third album Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies coming in less than 2 weeks, Snoh season is amongst us.

On her newest single, "Lost You," she reflects on a past lover. Over No I.D's production, with assistance from Maneesh, Snoh beautifully sings about her want for this person despite knowing the love is now lost. Her sultry vocals take me to a place that I never to depart. While somber, the single is still so very pure at heart. She lets her emotions take control as she continues to look back at this former love over moody synths and spacey notes.

Snoh's coming album features both Tyler, the Creator and James Fauntleroy and I cannot wait!

10. Coi Leray - At The Top (feat. Kodak Black & Mustard)

"Oh, my goodness... again?!" Yes! Absolutely again. I'm not sure how Coi Leray ended up placing me in some stronghold but, as of right now I have no desire to be freed (yet). With yet another highly anticipated single, Coi keeps the pressure coming with her newest record, "At The Top." This time around, the young artist recruits the likes of Kodak Black and Mustard for this pure summer anthem.

Both Coi and Kodak reflect on being at the top. On their way to success and progression they notice that the road there may lead them to be by themselves. Despite that, they continue to remain true to themselves and those who love and choose them over and over again.

The way Coi is able to make a melody in practically all of her music is commendable. Whether you like it or not, she controls the pace and flow for everything she does... and she has such a damn good time doing it. She reminds herself that what she is doing is more than herself and that she has other people she's putting on for.

Having been criticized and bullied countless times for merely existing, she takes the lessons that have come from those various experiences and continues to uplift herself and push harder/ further. The song is a testament to how many of us feel when on the road to greater things and it also makes you want to vibe out too.

Overall, June was such a FUN month for music. There were SO many other records I couldn't even include in the list but that does not mean I don't love them just as much. Summer is here, and the time for fun is here. Take that trip, go out, soak up some sun, have that pool party (safely of course, not condoning foolish behavior), and simply enjoy life. If this year has shown me anything so far it is that life is far too short to not be enjoying it. June brought great energy and I'm simply looking forward to what July will deliver.

You can stream my top 10 tracks of June below now, only on Apple Music!

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