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Wiz Khalifa: "The Saga of Wiz Khalifa" Review

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Following the release of February's "It's Only Weed Bro," the heavy ganja-smoking, carefree rapper is back with a surprise EP. No stranger to dropping new music on the marijuana holiday of 4/20, Wiz returned with a completely new compilation of songs on Monday (Apr. 20). Only containing 7 tracks, "The Saga of Wiz Khalifa" features artists such as: Quavo, Megan Thee Stallion, DJ Mustard, Ty Dolla $ign, Logic, and more!

While only 21 minutes in run time, the EP continues to show even after more than a decade in the game, Wiz can provide pure heat whenever he pleases. Beginning with the DJ Mustard-produced, "Y U Mad," Wiz delivers fun yet hard-hitting word play calling out the haters mad at his wealth, his women, and his comfortable, carefree lifestyle. Minister ty Dolla $ign unleashes one of those infectious choruses that (despite this quarantine) make you want to get up, go out and enjoy life. Like her name, Megan Thee Stallion easily blazes through the track with a barrage-like flow reminding her haters that they only dream of living like her (hence that's why they are mad.) She maintains her raw, vivid sexual appeal, all while making it clear to her opposition she's not one to be toyed with.

The three come together and set the tone for the EP off well. "Out of Space" displays Wiz Khalifa floating over this intergalactic production with pure ease. Again, Wiz reminds listeners that the pen is still sharp and that he can pull it out whenever and however he chooses. He makes it evident that the money is coming in, the tree is always being smoked, the women are always there, and that the haters simply come with the territory of being elite.

"Smoke every day and I don't miss a plane

Stack everythin', at the club, make it rain

Got a new broad and she gettin' me paid

F*ck n***as hate, guess that come with the game."

Wiz eats the entire beat up and it truly sounds like he barely lifted a muscle. The production on the record is insane. Quavo joins Wiz with the same bravado and braggadocios energy. The two flex their wealth and get right to business on the song.

Sampling Dr. Dre's, "Still D.R.E.," Wiz highlights his extravagant life, heavy relationship with weed, and staying true to himself in "Still Wiz." One thing about Wiz is... no matter how big he gets, he's gonna spark him some tree and enjoy his life. The EP's lead single, "Bammer," featuring Mustard samples RBL Posse's, "Don't Give Me No Bammer," and expresses one clear message: Do not give Wiz Khalifa any mid weed. He is one of the most respected cannabis consumers and he wants to be treated as such. With pure cockiness it's truly hard to believe Wiz doesn't live the things he raps about as boasts about taking a rich man's wife.

"Ridin', slidin', dippin', vibin'

B**ch, get high, come and live this life

I'm a rich n***a, I could f**k a rich b**ch twice

I'm a rich n***a, I could f**k a rich n***a wife

On "Contact," the second single from the EP, Wiz and Tyga focus on the women, the marijuana, and lavish living. It honestly feels good hearing Wiz flow again throughout the project (I know he's been dropping, I just haven't listened to him in a while). He outshine's Tyga with little to no effort, but Tyga brings the charisma and appeal that makes his songs so catchy.

"Clouds in the Air," pairs K CAMP and Wiz together as they question this woman as she has portrayed that she doesn't smoke but clearly shows all the signs of a smoker. The fast life raps continue as Wiz continues to flex his trippy luxury lifestyle through clever, witty bars.

"The Saga of Wiz Khalifa's" final song, "High Today" taps frequent collaborator, DMV native Logic, and ends the project on a calm tone. Logic sets the atmosphere on the record as he sings, "Where is my mind? It's far away / Up in the sky, I'm high today." Wiz raps about making it, remaining the same throughout the fame and wealth, and living his life exactly how he says he's living it. Of course Logic provides a thought-provoking verse rapping about life, the ups, downs, continuing to grind throughout it all, and shutting out the noise of the irrelevant haters.

From "The Saga of Wiz Khalifa," we see that Wiz is still as dope as he was when we were firstly introduced to him. He lives at his own standards, takes nothing to seriously, and remains unbothered. While his music is obviously catered more to the smokers, as a rapper, he still has much valuable appeal to the world of Hip-Hop in general. His bars are not just things to say, they are his life. He lives the things he says and he does it with pride.

Being someone who has not listened to a full Wiz project in a while, it was very great to hear his voice again and see that her really has not lost any of his skill. In some moments Wiz is ready to go full throttle, in other's he is more relaxed and serene. Wiz Khalifa continues to tell his own story, makes his money, smokes his tree, and minds his business. This project is just Wiz creating music for his fans and I appreciate artists like him. There are no hidden messages or underlying motives. I'd rank it a 7/10.

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Out Of Space

  2. Y U Mad

  3. Still Wiz

  4. Contact

  5. High Today

You can Stream Wiz Khalifa's "The Saga of Wiz Khalifa" on all streaming platforms.

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