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Wale Provides "Good Vibes" On New Single

While it's only been a few weeks into the new year, many have already started to request a do-over to start 2021 the "right year." From insurrection to dangerous misinformation on social media and much more, this year has already gotten off to a tumultuous start. With all the ongoing chaos, Wale desires nothing more but inner peace and "good vibes." Released in the early hours of today (Jan. 19), the DMV artist has returned with the groovy socially conscious single, "Good Vibes (Za)."

Before 2020 ended, SZA left us longing for good days and better times. This time around, Wale amplifies the feeling even more on the soothing melodic track. On his first single of the year, the rapper declares that he is drained from the chaos and he only intends to develop further inner peace and good vibes. If it is one thing Wale will do it is deliver compelling poetic storytelling through his pen.

Much like a fine wine, Wale's pen only grows stronger and stronger as he ages. He flawlessly speaks on America's chaotic social climate. From the stimulus checks to the clown ways of Terry Crews, his bars are accurate, authentic, and poised. He says exactly what is on the canvas of his mind and delivers a serene atmosphere while doing it. Another element of Wale's music is the black narrative. He always manages to tell the stories of our culture today and the ongoing issues black people face throughout his music.

“Katt Williams said "We good", no we better than that

But we get shot and nothing happens how we settle for that

You see my culturе expensive that's why thеy paying it to us

That be you Terry Crews n*ggas tap dancing for that.”

He airs out his own alarming concerns but in such a tranquil way that it literally feels peaceful to the core. Matching the song's title, he acts like a breath of fresh air to his listeners. While reflecting on his personal 2020, Wale also pays homage to the late Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hussle. Just as he raps throughout the song, we ultimately could use a reset to recenter and refocus on our visions. Wale shoots the target with a direct hit on the single. The flow is sharp, the execution is enjoyable, and the message is relatable. He continues to deliver compelling truths in his music and makes for a great listen.

You can stream Wale's "Good Vibes (Za)" below on Apple Music or listen above via YouTube.

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