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Unpacking Justin Timberlake's 'Selfish': The Obsession You Can't Shake

It's been six years since the pop icon that is Justin Timberlake released a full-length album. So when rumors began that the 43-year-old was coming with new music, they were met with uncertainty, excitement, and doubt. However, Justin laid the rumors to rest when he dropped the trailer for his upcoming sixth album, Everything I Thought I Was along with his utterly contagious, brand-new single, "Selfish." The new project follows after 2018's Man of the Woods and already has high hopes and expectations.

Released Thursday (Jan. 25), "Selfish" feels like driving in the summer, with the top down being embraced by the crisp, calm winds. It feels like safety. It feels... serene. Produced by JT himself, Louis Bell, and Cirkut, the mid-tempo R&B banger is a full-on expression and embodiment of love. While ironically calling himself selfish, he shows gratitude for his partner. He brings forth all of his emotions as he speaks about this unexplainable love he has for his partner. He sings about his lover being made specifically for him and her very existence being the very thing that keeps his world sane and going.

"'Cause your lips were made for mine/And my heart would go flatline/If it wasn't beatin' for you all the time."

The accompanying Bradley Calder-directed visual is so wholesome and heartfelt. It intensifies the very lyrics that Justin sings from his heart. The video is presented as Justin Timberlake on a set and viewers follow him around as he sings, crushes houses, and more. While physically on the set, his heart and mind only care for his lover. He longs to be in her presence and she seems to be the only thought floating in his mind and the very thing that keeps his blood pumping. The video continues with him putting on a leather jacket and walking outside into the rain before transitioning to a solo dance sequence and returning to the set.

There is a sparkling element in both the song and visual that brings this fuzzy warm feeling to your heart. Justiin's delivery here is flawless and he delivers such a heartfelt performance with "Selfish" In a time of over-saturation in music and many (not all) artists coming off as gimmicky, uninspired, and lacking much skill, Justin reminds us that not only does he still have the very it factor that made so many of us fall in love with his artistry, but he can still perform at a very high level. Outshining much of the music heard today, "Selfish" is refreshing. It makes love look and feel so beautiful. He declares that his lover is the "owner" of his heart and he just desires nothing more than to be with her as much as possible. As the lead single to his highly anticipated album, "Selfish" shoots and does not miss.

Justin has made it clear that he still has much more to do. Following the announcement of his new album, Timberlake has also announced The Forget Tomorrow World Tour! Breaking into two parts, it will begin in April and run to July before picking back up in October and ending officially in December. JT will hit cities such as Chicago, New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Austin, Phoenix, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, and many more areas.

Everything I Thought I Was is set to release on Friday, (Mar. 15) and the world is more than ready to hear what Justin has been cooking in the lab.

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