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Tink Pours Out Her Heart on New "A Gift and A Curse" EP

Much like other artists such as SZA and Rubi Rose, the holiday spirit hit Tink pretty heavy as well. As a gift to her fans, the 25-year-old Chicago native released her newest EP, "A Gift and A Curse" on Christmas Day. The project contains only 7 songs and runs for approximately 19 minutes. The EP follows after the artist's Valentine's Day release Hopeless Romantic and 2019's Voicemails project. With her second release of 2020, Tink is back and better in every which way and form.

Usually when one thinks of the holidays they think of cheer, glee, and joy. However, Tink uses heartbreak and pain to bring her further healing. While much of Tink's music stems from personal revelations, heartfelt heartaches, and internalized pain, she assumes a more... calm nature. Don't be confused, the themes of love, sorrow, and loss are still within this project, but this time around she seems to have a peace within her aura. Much like the project's title, Tink looks at her heartbreak as a gift. While going through them initially sting, the end result is heavy growth and maturation... That is what she delivers throughout this concise body of work.

On the EP's opener, "Silent Nite," she flips the traditional holiday hit, bending it to her will to emphasize the recurring themes of love and loss. She beautifully begins singing about putting a former lover's feelings before hers, being hurt, and trying to move on from the past.

"I put your joy and your feelings 'fore mine

These days I'm angry, angry inside

No words to say (Oh)

One thing to do

Move on and fall back from you

It's gonna a silent night."

The EP's first standout track arrives at the moving "Bottom Bitch." Here, Tink sings about losing herself to please a man. She recounts the times she stayed down for someone who truly didn't value her worth. Because of it, she can see her heart turning cold. The lyricism tells a story that may hit many female listeners right in their core as they relate to the chilling pain Tink sings about. She questions her old flame asking how could he let their love go so easily when she was ready and willing to die for it. From the vocal delivery to sharp flow, Tink effortlessly delivers on the song.

On "Motives," Tink begins to reflect on a previous relationship. She knows her love was nothing less than real but she's unsure if she can say the same for her partner. Introspective and insightful, Tink starts to even question herself asking herself if she can even pick the right people when it comes dating. She's tired, lost, and confused. She knows she's as real as it gets but she wonders on the motives of her partner. Again, her delivery and voice simply are 10/10.

Another standout arrives at the catchy "CAP." Tink assume a more assertive stature here. She's fed up with dishonesty, disloyalty, and distrust. She's not 100% certain of who's she's lying in bed with anymore and because of it, she basically calls her partner out on all their bullshit essentially. She doesn't confuse her partner's infidelity and cheating with her value. She knows she's a top notch chick but she no longer has the energy or patience to engage with this draining cycle any longer. The track is definitely an anthem for the ladies.

She allows her walls to crumble slightly on the passionate "Rush." She sings about longing a partnership where the two genuinely care about one another; the type of relationship where the two are truly best friends. She desires to take things slowly in hopes to make it last and develop a true divine connection that will last this time around. Her vocal displays is flawless. Her delivery is warm and buttery. If Tink is going to do one thing, she's going to provide purely core warming feels.

On the EP's closer, "Lessons," Tink thanks an old flame for helping her find herself. She thanks him for trying to essentially break her spirit because now she is much stronger than before. She highlights the ways her ex-partner may think he tore her apart but she informs him that nothing has slowed her down. Instead of focusing on revenge and upgrading to the next person, she focuses on herself. He true revenge is growth and maturation. She stands firm on her own two feet and that's the true blessing here.

A Gift and A Curse truly displays Tink at her finest. From the harmonies, the additional background vocal elements (that may not be caught on first listen), and flow to the storytelling, messages, and symbolism in the music, Tink continues to impress and improve. Growth is heavily saturated through this entire body of work. And although the project only holds a mere 7 songs, each of the songs are top tier quality. Her passion blazes through each of them and she pours her soul on each track. 2021 is definitely looking up for the young artist and she should definitely stay on your radar throughout this year.

You can stream Tink's "A Gift and A Curse" on Apple Music below.

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