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NAV: "Emergency Tsunami" - Review

The "Brown Boy" is back! With his second official release of the year, NAV is back with his new mixtape, Emergency Tsunami! This time around, the braggadocios Canadian joins forces with none other than friend and frequent collaborator & Atlanta-producer, Wheezy! The joint effort holds 14 songs with a runtime of only 33 minutes. Emergency Tsunami enlists artists such as Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Baby, Lil Keed, & SahBabii.

The cover art of the tape is written in Japanese words, "“緊急津波," which literally stands for "Emergency Tsunami." The title is accurate as both NAV and Wheezy flawlessly flood the entire project from beginning to end without much effort. If unfamiliar with NAV, his flow stems from his own experiences. Telling each of his stories from his own lens, he storms the entire project with a level of boldness and confidence that could intimidate many. He plays to this strengths of braggadocios, flex-filled bars on luxury living, good sex, abundance of women, and his rise to wealth & glory. However... once you add Wheezy's production to the mix, you create a new experience.

Immediately as the project begins, listeners hear Wheezy's notable production tag before the sinister beat begins on "Friends and Family." NAV takes the production and goes full throttle as he reflects on going from rags to riches. Rapping about high-end brands, his lack of price checking, and his love for women and foreign vehicles, his flow is at its utmost strongest. He uses the first track to praise his accomplishments and achievements while letting his trolls and haters know they mean absolutely nothing to him.

Wheezy's vicious, rattling production continues on one of the mixtape's favorites, "Young Wheezy!" Enlisting none-other than the king of drip lyricism himself Gunna (and even an ad-lib from Travis Scott), both he and NAV do pure damage on the record. Paying homage to the Atlanta producer, the two get to business flexing their wealth, dangerous lifestyles, and stature. Gunna really takes the record and holds it by its throat. NAV holds his own following after and the two create this ketchup/mustard combination that is pleasing. Along with this stellar production, the features on Emergency Tsunami boost this project to another level.

On "Repercussions," NAV teams up with Young Thug for their fifth collaboration. The theme of danger continues as NAV and Thug make it clear if you mess with them in any capacity, there will be severe consequences to follow, period. Thug flexes his wealth as he raps about dripping his woman with Birkin Bags, designer clothing, and even a tummy tuck. He boldly proclaims that he has people on his team ready to do whatever if necessary. NAV channels that antisocial energy that is aquatinted with him on the bass-crackling "Don't Need Friends." His intentions on the record are clear: He does not need people around him who do not care to see him to do well or are secretly in competition with him. He pays them dust as he surpasses them and does with style and class of course. Lil Baby, who has been having an outstanding year, again kills his feature effortlessly. He gives himself a round of applause before flowing about his wealth, street life, and his woman. Instead of bragging, he lets his actions speak.

The Lil Keed-assisted "Trains" follows the same theme of spending excessive amounts of money on luxury, sexual prowess with the ladies, and the recurring dangerous living listeners hear throughout the project.

The project's final collaboration "Do Ya Deed" focuses on purely sexual energy. Teaming with SahBabii, NAV praises his woman for getting right to the matter at hand when they're together. He cockily highlights the ways and acts that this woman brings delight to him.

While the features are some of the great parts of Emergency Tsunami NAV reminds his listeners that he can hold his own alone without any issue. On another personal favorite, "Vetement Socks" NAV is in his primetime zone. On his throne, he brags about his sexual expertise, his remarkable wealth, and love for designer brands (hence the title). "Dropping Tears" showcases a more serious NAV as he flows about elevating his price, proving the haters wrong, and being himself despite anyone speaking badly on him. Fearless and bold, he declares that he doesn't need luck and even dares his opposition to try him.

Ending the tape with the same energy he initiated with, on "Turn & Twist," NAV again recounts his abundance of wealth, having nothing to having everything he wanted, being himself and having nothing to prove to anyone.

Overall, Emergency Tsunami's MVP is Wheezy. While NAV brings the charisma, the Instagram worth captions, and the relentless confidence, it is Wheezy who glues the entire project together from start to finish. The production is literally explosive. Every sound, crackle, key, etc. is perfect. Wheezy's blood pumping production amplifies NAV's lyricism and actually makes listeners really feel and hear NAV's experiences. The beats on each record literally make you enjoy NAV. The features on this project are some top NAV collaborations and the body of work is energy is fast-paced, full-throttle, & larger-than-life.

Besides, the production, NAV's obsession with luxury, women, and the fast life makes him sound like pretty much every other rapper today. His flow can be monotonous at times, and the subject matter never really switches. To some it can even sound... uninspiring. However, NAV's music thrives in large settings such as clubs, parties, pre games, and more which makes his formula successful. This is not an mixtape meant to be meaningful and moving. NAV does not aspire to be Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, etc. Instead it is NAV being himself. He creates music for settings with high energy. There is not much to dissect with the flow. Instead it is meant to be enjoyed at maximum volumes.

As far as versatility, storytelling, and lyricism goes, Emergency Tsunami scores about a 6/10. However, in regards to production the tape is 9/10. Wheezy simply does no wrong.

Top 5 Songs From Emergency Tsunami :

  1. Young Wheezy

  2. Vetement Socks

  3. Repercussions

  4. Don't Need Friends

  5. Friends & Family

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