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Mila J - "November 2018" Review

Updated: Nov 2, 2020


Image source: Instagram

Continuing her monthly EP drops this year, Mila J is back with her latest installment, November 2018. Following October 2018's EP, November 2018 contains only four songs and also holds only one feature with frequent collaborator, MIGH-X. November is very smooth, soft, and gentle. The EP focuses on the cycles of love and being in love.

Beginning with "Chemistry," Mila passionately sings about always wanting to be around her lover. Life without this person is literally impossible and she cannot imagine a life as such. She believes in the love she and this mystery man possesses so much that she even says that she only believes in God's story of Adam and Eve. Regardless of what science says or even what is taught in school, there must be something more that has sparked this connection the two share. Through the song she continuously thanks God for it and effortlessly delivers on the track.

"Unconditional" relays this quiet storm, 90's vibe as Mila sings about having a never ending love for this man of hers. The songstress bellows about how even when she says she's done with the relationship... she's really not done.

"I tried to leave you, I never succeeded. When I say I didn't need you, I swear I didn't mean it."

Her love for her significant other is strong enough to withstand all the trials and tribulations that come her way. Mila's voice literally floats over the track and it soothes you as you play the song. The production is very simple and makes it easier to focus on the essence of the song and the lyrics.

"Back With My Ex," the only feature on the song, focuses on a lover singing about being back with his ex. MIGH-X shares his feelings about being back with an ex. MIGH-X sings about not wanting leave his ex and just be laid up in the bed with them all day. The feelings are driving him insane because he is reminiscing on the past go round. He wants to make sure this time everything is full proof and she won't leave him again. He even sings about making his former lover sign an agreement that says she will never leave and that her love is his, but if she leaves him he has the right to stay away from her forever.

"Nobu" is more upbeat, but still brings the chill demeanor we associate with Mila. In this song she holds nothing back as she calls out someone who really does not possess true internal substance. She speaks on the women who desire to look expensive and live this lavish life that they truthfully can't afford. They want a man (even if dude is a f**kboy like Mila said) so bad they'll assume any role necessary. There's a point in the song where she even comically calls the women she's singing about, thots.

Although November 2018 is extremely short, it is so captivating. Even on the first listen, you're entranced by Mila's hypnotic, cooling voice. Her voice is like the most invigorating, intoxicating wine, leaving you wanting more and more. She truly deserves much more credit than what she gets!

I most definitely cannot wait to see what Mila cooks up for the new year. However, until then you can listen to November 2018 on Apple Music now! #music #reviews #commentary #milaj

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