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Megan Thee Stallion: "SUGA" Review

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Following the turmoil leading up to its release, the Houston Hottie is back with another project for the streets, "SUGA!" Prior to releasing the project on Friday (Mar. 6), Megan Thee Stallion had been undergoing public media frenzy, scrutiny, and chaos this week after suing her record label, 1501 Entertainment after she tried to negotiate her contract.

The Houston rapper has no problem opening up to her fans and the media. She took to Instagram live to explain that her label did not want her to release music and also are basically taking, "the vast majority of her income from all sources," according to Rolling Stone. She also gave more insight on the situation in a lengthy Instagram post where she made note that the project would release on Friday (Mar. 6).

Immediately, her fans and many went into an uproar on social media when they found out. Some trolls decided to bash Megan, while loyal supporters rallied behind her to support her. Long story short, Megan made it clear that she would not be bullied by anyone or any man, and sued the label on Monday (Mar. 2) in which, a Texas judge granted the rapper a restraining order against the label and its CEO, Carl Crawford that allowed her to plan the release of her latest EP, "SUGA," for its Friday (Mar. 6) release date, since she could no longer drop the EP on on it's originally scheduled day, Monday (Mar. 2), her late mother's birthday.

Following the restraining order, Crawford tried to counter the act and have Meg's restraining order cancelled, which was denied by a judge on Wednesday (Mar. 4) which gave her the utmost freedom to release the project on Friday. She also gave more insight on the situation in a lengthy Instagram post where she made note that the project would release on Friday (Mar. 6).

Now, with the history being discussed, let's get on to more important things... the music!! Holding only 9 songs, "Suga" follows after Meg's fiery, "Fever" project and introduces her fans and music listeners all around the world to her newest alter ego, "Suga." The EP holds only two guest features, both Gunna and Kehlani.

She gets right to business setting the tone for the tape with "Ain't Equal." Providing that hardcore, gritty rap that caused many to fall for her, Megan raps about losing her mother & grandmother, her haters, and setting herself apart from the rest of the plain Janes out here. Upbeat, fast, and oh so hard, she sets the bar high for the rap game and calls out all the hating women who been gagging on her for some time now. She makes it clear that she is not be played with and that she will remain true to herself regardless of what anyone else does.

"Savage" mimics this energy but contains an even cockier energy, as Meg continues to reiterate that she is that "IT" girl that all the others want to be.

"I'm that b*tch (Yeah) Been that b*tch, still that b*tch (Ah) Will forever be that bitch (Forever be that b*tch) Yeah (Ayy, ah)"

Naming herself the "Hood Mona Lisa," she gets right to work taking shots at the instagram-boutique shopping women, hating women, and all of the insecure women who feel threatened by her presence. She holds nothing from the imagination as she raps about her various sexual acts and how exactly she wants to be pleasured. She keeps her focus on her money and her grind, but reminds everyone that she is indeed a savage in every way.

"Captain Hook," (the best song on the project) displays the young hottie at her finest. Megan gets straight grimy and dirty on this one. Unapologetic in delivery, she raps about being sexually free and engaging in whatever activity she pleases. Again, she makes it very easy for her listeners to visualize exactly what she's saying as she raps about the type of men that she desires.

In my opinion, she gives off this animated type of display and execution similar to that of Nicki Minaj. Her bars are very hard, explicit, and raw, channeling the same energy of Lil Kim. However, she maintains her own essence and stays true to being Megan Thee Stallion.

"Suga" falls short with some songs like the Kehlani-assisted "Hit My Phone" and lead single "B.I.T.C.H." These tracks are not terrible (hey, they may even grow on you). They showcase the more versatile side of Megan. However, they just are not that strong. They do not hit as hard as we are used to seeing Megan hit with her songs.

She experiments with singing about being real and true to herself on "B.I.T.C.H." She ventures to west-side, old school Californian Hip-Hop production on "Hit My Phone." Again, they are not terrible, but not the strongest attempts on the project if you're looking for that sound that initially made you fall in love with Thee Stallion.

"Rich" finds Megan delivering both twerking and Instagram-caption music. The song is simple, Megan is the boss and she's rich. She's looking for a dude with some bands who is willing to spend on her and her friends even though she literally does not need his money. The ladies will definitely have fun with this record.

The track smoothly transitions right into "Stop Playing" featuring Gunna. Immediately, as the song starts, it truly sounds like a Gunna song. From production to Megan's delivery, it has Gunna's influence all over it. The two go back and forth providing that braggadocios style rap that we are used to seeing with Gunna. For their first collaboration it's actually not half bad! The song is one of those catchy songs that will sound best in the car with the volume all the way to the max.

For the last two records on the EP, Megan switches the energy with some melodious rapping that meshes with auto-tuned singing. They are not the strongest but they definitely are some pretty decent moments on the project. "Crying in the Car" finds Meg just trying to maintain focus on her career, her grind, and her sanity. She asks God to "not give up on her." She continues to push herself and go even harder because she knows she cannot give up.

"What You Need" exhibits a girlier, softer side of Megan. She sings / raps about being a baby when it comes to her lover. She knows she stresses him out with her crazy attitude and antics. However she knows that he knows how to give her exactly what she needs (ha, see what I did there?) It's one of those street love songs that the ladies will be tweeting the lyrics for sure.

Overall, "Suga" is ok at best. It is not her best work by far. In comparison to her other projects, it may actually be at the bottom (speaking in terms of the high standard she's already set). The projects allows Megan to venture and experiment with different sounds and production as well as singing and R&B melodies meshed with her hardcore rap.

The songs are not bad, but they do not necessarily stick like many of the other bangers we have heard in the past. You can definitely play some of these cuts in the car, at the pregame, at the party, and even on the way home from the party. I do believe with time some songs will be received more than they were initially, as it takes time for some songs to hit like others. All-in-all, I'd rank "Suga" at about a 6/10.

Favorite Tracks from "Suga:"

1. Captain Hook

2. Savage

3. Ain't Equal

4. Stop Playing

Honorable Mention: Crying in the Car

Stream Megan Thee Stallion's "Suga," right now!

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