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Mariah the Scientist Soars on Sophomore Album "Ry Ry World"

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

As new artists continue to emerge at such an alarming rate, it's nearly impossible to keep up with today's sounds (especially when they sound so much alike these days). However, when one comes across an unforgettable artist, it is important to quickly make note of it. If Mariah the Scientist is not on your list of artists to watch, re-evaluate that list this instant.

Released on Friday (Jul. 9), Mariah the Scientist is back with her sophomore album, Ry Ry World. Unique, mesmerizing, & innovative, Mariah tells her story with meaningful lyricism, experimental production, and sultry vocalism. Ry Ry World follows the former St. John's University, Biology major's 2019 debut album, Master. Unlike the previous album, Ry Ry World experiments further with Mariah's voice, artistry, and storytelling. The project holds features a couple of Hip-Hop's most notable figures, Lil Baby ("Always n Forever"), and Young Thug ("Walked In). The spacey project holds only 10 songs and runs for nearly 30 minutes.

The album's tone is flawlessly set with its intergalactic, cloudy intro, "Impalas and Air Force 1's." Maintaining this theme of a new dimension, the 23-year-old sings "take me to your leader" as she ponders about entering this shadowy figure's world. Inquisitive and open, she asks about his world, what his favorite girl is like, and even wishes to be that very person. Here, the theme of vulnerability and openness is set. As the project continues, listeners reach their first standout track, "Aura," a lead single released prior to the album. Produced by K-Rain, the stellar track simultaneously possesses this 90's appeal along with a futuristic aesthetic. Bubbly and heartfelt, Mariah reflects on a former flame.

"I guess it's better that it's over now / 'Cause all the things that you lied to me about /Was just too much for me to swallow down / Now it's takin' over, tryna take me out.

Honest, transparent, and raw, she pens her emotions in such a beautiful, melodic way. She struggles with the internal conflict knowing better and doing better. While she knows this guy isn't good for her, she's still willing to do whatever for him. Blinded by love, she nearly accepts responsibility for his wrongdoings even though he's the one to blame. Ultimately, it's her blind eye (and heart) that continues to allow her to fall short when it comes to love.

Another standout arrives on hazy trap-influenced R&B banger, "Walked In," featuring none other than Young Thug. More up-tempo and fast paced, the production contains much trap appeal as both Mariah and Young Thug lust over their respective lovers. Their ravenous appetites show through their sensual expressive lyrics. Mariah sings, "How could I not make you mine?" Her airy voice is sexy and bold as she says exactly what it is she wants to say. Much like a diary, she continues to express her emotions and the very causes of them as she continues throughout the project. For example, on "RIP," she tells her lover, "You always make feel like I'm invisible." Her fiery heart longs for companionship and commitment but the costs seem to be very severe as they leave her playing the fool. Her songwriting skills and lyricism are similar to that of contemporaries such as Ariana Grande, Summer Walker, and even Sza.

As Ry Ry World reaches its halfway point, listeners arrive at another lead single, "2 You." On the futuristic, hypnotic track, Mariah continues to wear her heart on her sleeve as she sings about her heart closing. Here, she's disappointed. While trying to be hopeful that her lover will change, she begins to come to terms with the death of this relationship. In a way it's almost like closure. She reflects on the memories, but she knows the love has reached its end. Much like the stuttering production, the visual for the record is out-of-this-world and unlike anything heard before.

On "Brain," Mariah continues to wonder. She questions her thoughts and why her feelings are so scattered. While trying to find an escape, she pokes at those same emotions trying to reach conclusions to what might be causing these various thoughts, patterns and feelings. Her voice is so soothing and heavenly that you nearly forget the gloomy topic at hand. As the album progresses, this theme continues on "Maybe." Here, Mariah continues to float within her mind. Overthinking various scenarios, she looks at various what-if's that both she and her lover could've potentially utilized to save the pairing.

"Maybe we should escape

Maybe I should've stayed

Maybe we should've ran away

Maybe I should've prayed

Maybe we should've danced together all night."

As the album nears the end, another personal favorite comes with another pre-album single, the lovely duet "Always n Forever." Recruiting Lil Baby for the emotive Trap&B gem, Mariah reminds her love interest that they should know her heart and despite the various evolutions she may go through, her heart will always remain for them. Lil Baby keeps the same energy as he counts the ways that his lady supports him and loves him. He reassures her that his heart is for her (hence why anything she asks for, he makes sure to provide). The two mesh together so well and create a truly memorable track on the album.

Reaching its end, Ry Ry World greets listeners with two of the album's most somber records, "All For Me" and the melancholic "Revenge." On "All For Me," a boozy Mariah demands her lover's attention. Paranoid and unsure, she asks them if they're with someone else, they need to rid themselves of that other person. In a sense, this feels like a last resort. The alcohol mixed with the solitude allows Mariah's vulnerability to open even the more as she lusts for this person's presence, love, and focus. It is truly one of the most heartfelt records on the album.

On the contrary, the album's final track, "Revenge," finds a fed-up Mariah feeling nothing but vengeance in her blood. Sampling Justin Timberlake's iconic, "Cry Me A River," Mariah lets rage fill her heart. Having tried to do everything she could to make this work, she refuses to let herself be hurt anymore. Her focus now is revenge. The love that she once had for this man, is gone and he is now dead to her. At this very moment, he has completely lost her to the point of return. Her voice is filled with emotion and utter passion. Numb to the pain, she feels absolutely nothing for someone she once would do any and everything for.

Overall, Ry Ry World elevates Mariah the Scientist to even higher levels. While only 23 and still very new to the world, she continues to transcend with each project. Although the songs are entirely too short in some moments, her songwriting, lyricism, and vocal talent translate very well for the world to see, hear, and enjoy with pure ease. From beginning to end, the album sounds absolutely incredible. Even if you don't like every song, there's a song on the album for everyone. Whether you're a day one fan or a new fan (much like myself), Mariah the Scientist does not disappoint. If you didn't know who she was before, you will hear her name ring bells around the world in the years to come. Ry Ry World gives the world a true look at the star-in-the-making that is Mariah the Scientist.

Ry Ry World receives a 9/10.

Top 5 songs from RY RY World:

  1. Aura

  2. Walked In

  3. Always n Forever

  4. All For Me

  5. Revenge

HM: 2 You

Stream Mariah the Scientist's Ry Ry World below on Apple Music or on other streaming platforms.

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