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Lil Yachty's "Strike" Is Utterly Fulfilling

It's been a little over a week following its release and Lil Yachty's "Strike (Holster)" is one of the most infectious tracks that the world never knew it needed. Following the release of his experimental, alternative project Let's Start Here, Yachty has returned to his trademark Hip-Hop flow on the alarmingly irresistible "Strike (Holster)." Released Friday (Apr. 7), the Tedd Walton & Aaron Bow-produced track easily sets the tone for Spring and kicks off Summer months early.

The hasty song brings Yachty back to his melodic Hip-Hop flow as he raps about sipping on the drank, being overly stimulated, and his vast wealth. From the beat to Yachty's natural flow, ad-libs, and charisma, the song honestly FEELS amazing despite its overall message. The song generates feelings of joy and liberation. Literally, as soon as the beat starts and you hear Yachty go, "Yeah (Mm, mm) / Okay (Yeah), okay, okay (Mm, mm, mm, mm) /It's us (Brr)," you're already up and ready to hit your best dance move. It's almost indescribable how the song creates such euphoric energy, but it's actually flawless and Yachty is a genius for that. The song makes feels like a warm Summer day with the homies and you all pull up to a red light, get out and just start dancing and having fun without any cares in the world.

The accompanying Cole Bennett-directed visual maintains this same energy finding Yachty showcasing some unique dance moves and fashions. In one moment, Yachty is dressed in red dancing near a lake, and in the next, he's in what appears to be a clothing store bowling with Promethazine bottles (which show up... very often in the video) for pins. The looks, the dance moves, and the settings all come together in creating this moment that infiltrates viewers' minds and truly just makes you want to vibe just like Yachty (minus the overstimulation unless that's your thing).

Yachty continues to deliver these unique tracks that leave unforgettable impressions on the canvases of his listeners' minds. As many artists have recently shown, it's time to get back to creating music that just makes you want to enjoy yourself. The time for sadness is over; Let's dance and live life fully! And "Strike (Holster)" achieves its goal of continuing that very mission.

Watch the visual for Lil Yachty's "Strike (Holster)" above.

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