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Latto Unleashes New Single, 'Sunday Service'

Women in music (especially Hip-Hop & R&B) have been and continue to be on fire. Adding an amplified fuel to the never-ending flame is none other than Latto. While there is much discourse about Latto, one thing that can never be said is that she can't spit. From several singles to features, and more, Latto continues to sharpen her pen as she gears for her upcoming third album. The ATL-bred rapper is back with her highly anticipated single, "Sunday Service" and an accompanying visual.

Released on Friday (Feb. 9) and Co-produced by Go Grizzly, Pooh Beatz, and Bankroll Got It, "Sunday Service" simultaneously delivers a nostalgic yet refreshing rap sound. Having teased the track for weeks, Latto rides the beat making it known that she's not for the chatter, tweets, and noise. Rather than clap back on social media, she simply suggests taking it to the booth. She reminds listeners, haters, and all alike, that much like a unicorn, she's one of one, and their opinions do nothing to/for her. All she wants is... a one-on-one in the booth.

While there has been much speculation that "Sunday Service" is a response to Ice Spice, her petty social media talk, and latest single, "Think U The Sh*t (Fart)," the new single serves as a chin check to all that the lyrics apply. In what appears to be a notable reply to the song, Latto confidently declares, "Think I'm the sh*t? B***h, I know it hoe." And just to add just a bit of razzle-dazzle, the enjoyable visual was seemingly shot in the Bronx, New York - also the hometown of the "Deli" rapper, Spice.

Vibrant, humorous (peep the H.E.R. homage), clever, and visually pleasing, the video is shot and directed excellently. The video finds Latto riding through New York through its entirety before ending with her sitting in a room with a background of female rappers/artists of the past and present.

The bars are strong. The flow is undeniable. The fashion is dope. And the visual simply enhances the words on the wax. Latto's skill is evident and it's not up for debate. Whether it be a diss (I mean, she wears a dress that has "Get in the Booth B***h" labeled on it) or just a regular song, doesn't matter. It's good. It's catchy. The single and visual are both fun to listen to and watch. You don't have to like her, but the talent speaks for itself with each release. Latto is here to stay.

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