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Kelly Rowland Returns with New Single/Video for "Coffee"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Don't call it a comeback, but Kelly Rowland is back (and better) with her mid-tempo island vibe, "Coffee." Written by The Internet's very own, Syd, "Coffee" follows after her 2019 EP, "The Kelly Rowland Edition," and arrives 7 years after her last full album, 2013's Talk a Good Game. The sultry single exhibits an even more grown and sexy layer of Ms. Kelly Rowland.

With this dancehall-styled melody, Kelly delivers an appeal unlike what we usually associate with her. With lower-toned cadences, high sensuality, and pure self-assurance, Kelly radiates a calm yet fiery seductive energy as she passionately croons about morning sex. The lyricism is very playful yet vivid as it leaves nothing to the imagination. Kelly makes it clear what is on her mind.

"Coffee and sex in the mornin'

Breakfast in bed, got me moanin' (Moanin', oh, oh-oh)

Before you go to work

I need you to go to work

Pardon my sincerity (Sincerity)

You know I'm a rarity

My love be your therapy

All around remedy."

The song oozes with pure love and bliss. It does not strive to be a dynamic comeback single. It does not strive to be a bubbly mainstream radio song. It's Kelly finding her groove again and owning it. She's bold, she's comfortable, and she's happy. "Coffee" also appears to reveal that Rowland is interested in generating new sounds as she begins this next era of her career.

The stunning Steven Comillion-directed video flaunts the chocolatey-goodness that is Kelly Rowland as she celebrates all of the coffee colored tones of women throughout the tropic visual. Clothed in assorted tones of brown, she and the other women bask in their black girl magic. Displaying various hairstyles, textures, and forms, the video serves to praise the beauty and sexuality of the black woman. It teaches both internal and external messages of embracing yourself. While very minimalistic, it perfectly matches the tone of the song - very serene, relaxed, and refreshing.

Watch Kelly Rowland's "Coffee" above or stream the single below; available on all platforms.

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