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Kehlani Drops New Song, "You Know Wassup"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The Oakland native is back with yet another gem to hit you RIGHT in the feels. Honestly, Kehlani has been on a pure roll. Since her last project, "While We Wait," the 24-year-old hot mama has been BUSY killing features! She's appeared on tracks with the likes of: EARTHGANG, Teyana Taylor, Eric Bellinger, and more. Everything she has put her mouth on has been pure flames. However, it's about time that she get back to making her own music. The world needs it.

Back to releasing solo work, Lani is back with a refreshing yet moving track, "You Know Wassup," produced by The Rascals. Released late Tuesday (Nov. 12) night, "You Know Wassup" is the perfect late night vibe. Eager to release the track, Kehlani took to both Instagram and Twitter to share that what we are hearing is just a beautiful, raw-voiced Kehlani, unmixed and unmastered. She goes on saying that the song was just something that she simply had to get out of her and to her fans.

As usual, Lani's lyricism and soothing voice tells a story. This time, she paints this picture for listeners as she reflects on her relationship and its current rocky status. She ponders on the changes in her relationship, the trials, tribulations, and triggers that have placed their love in a chokehold.

"This used to be my favorite time of the morning Text you like "Good Morning" It's been a day we ain't spoken All of me feels frozen, how could you let it go like that?"

She starts to question herself and correlates her lover's change in behavior with something she's done. There's a since of cloudiness and uncertainty in her tone. She does not understand why she comes second to their problems and flaws. She even questions if the relationship is worth the humility, trauma, and embarrassment. She knows her worth and that she deserves more but she's still confused why she is dealing with so much drama.

Regardless, she can't shake the fact that she is in love with this person. She is willing to go to war for them. She has no problem proclaiming her love for her significant other, because that's how passionate she is. Though the chaotic ups and downs, the love she has for him will never end.

Undoubtedly, Kehlani comes through with another raw authentic vibe that listeners will immidiately relate to. Wow there is no correct answer here, the song could be a response to her current flame, Compton rapper, YG and his rather... outlandish recent behavior, being caught kissing another woman on social media. Or, is this simply how the songstress has been feeling? Whatever the case may be, the song is truly beautiful, relatable, and authentic.

You can say whatever you want about Kehlani, but one thing that is constant is, the girl makes great music. Her voice is smooth and soft as honey and her energy is so pure. Lani, we are literally ready for the album!

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