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Justin Bieber taps Summer Walker for "Yummy" Remix

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Following the release of his melodic "Get Me" collaboration with Kehlani, JB continues to apply pressure with the official remix to Yummy! This time around, the Canadian crooner calls on none other than the ATL R&B songstress herself, Summer Walker! After the two both teased (and confirmed) the collaboration on Twitter last week, the two returned Monday (Feb. 3) in the early hours of the morning with the official release.

While there are no actual noticeable changes on Justin's end, Summer's smooth sultry voice brings the spice, heat, and authentic R&B appeal to the already-smooth record. She gets right to business as she sings:

"You already know, I got it Can't keep flexin' on you when you can't stop this You already know, you want this If you talkin' then you ain't doin' nothin'."

Very sensual, laid back, and comforting, Summer's voice is like a trip down the lazy river at your favorite water park. She is soothing and oh so mellow. She compliments Justin's aesthetic throughout the song and makes it even better. She lets her lover know she indeed has that... yummy yum.

While we are only in the second month of the new year, JB has already been hard at work! After releasing "Yummy" last month, the single went No. 2 on the Billboard charts. He released his docuseries, "Seasons," announced his new album, Changes, and a new world tour that will feature both Kehlani and Jaden Smith!

The album will officially release on Valentine's Day and features some notable figures such as Post Malone, Kehlani, Summer Walker, Quavo, and more. The "Changes Tour" will begin in May in Seattle and stretch all the way to September, making stops in cities such as: Las Vegas, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami, and many more!

Listen to and stream Justin Bieber & Summer Walker's "Yummy" Remix below!

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