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JMWs Top 10 Songs of February 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

A little late with my February delivery (my apologies, I was... very occupied this last weekend of February). Nonetheless, February, although a little slow in the beginning delivered another month of gems that I did not see coming. Let's look at the top 10 songs of February right now!

1. Tory Lanez - Broke In A Minute

The number one slot has to go to my man Tory. When I say, the moment I put this on play, I lost it. Tory was SHOULDERS DEEP in his duffle bag (shout out to my friends for that phrase haha) when he made this.

It's one of those, I'm about to flex and talk my sh*t real quick songs. Tory reminds us that not only can he provide us with the late night, 2 am vibes, but the rapper is just as lethal too! Literally one of my favorites this month

2. Nicki Minaj - Yikes

People love to talk crazy about Nicki Minaj lately. Regardless, Minaj's pen game is still potent (in case anyone forgot). With no official rollout or marketing, Minaj dropped the single after showing both she and her husband singing along to the record in her studio. In my opinion, “Yikes“ pulls out some of that old Nicki many long for.

The bars are there, the energy is there, the cocky bravado is still there. She delivers some cut-throat verses and gets right to it on the sinister track. I'm very unsure what she has planned but I hope she keeps it coming.

3. Thundercat - Dragonball Durag

Now, this honestly might be one of my favorite new records out right now. Thundercat did exactly what needed to be done on this soulful, feel-good record. Never did I think I would vibe out so hard to someone singing about making love in his durag. And truly, this song is amazing. From the instrumentation and production, to the warm, buttery vocal delivery, you just feel grown and sexy when this track plays.

4. UMI - Picture Perfect

There are some artists you do not necessarily plan to come across but once you do, you're utterly grateful that you did. UMI is exactly that for me. Discovering her a few months back, every track that I've played from her calms my spirit in such a distinct way. "Picture Perfect" does just that and more.

From the subtle, harmonic production, UMI's soft tones and storytelling lyricism just paints such a vivid expression for listeners. It's almost as if she's not even trying but she delivers pure vibes. Her energy, voice, and execution is as gentle as the softest cloud in Heaven. As she sings about the pain of losing love and trying to be this perfect person, you just fall deeper in love with her craft.

5. H.E.R - Comfortable

I'm pretty sure H.E.R. makes my list nearly every month. But, that is just a testament to how great her artistry is. I never can get enough of her. Arriving on the movie soundtrack for Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield's, The Photograph, H.E.R. delivers another moving gem with "Comfortable."

The young singer passionately sings about someone who simply makes her so at ease when she's around them. Their presence makes her feel like she's at home. She's utterly peaceful and comfortable with her significant other. She craves his presence both physically and emotionally. It's a pretty sweet song that makes you feel warm inside.

6. Sam Smith - To Die For

While, I don't listen to Sam Smith often, the man struck pure gold with this one. Along with his unreal voice, the lyrics hit the core. He sings about seeing everyone else in love and happy, as his world crashes. He longs for someone that brings him such joy to the point that he would die for them.

His voice is truly angelic and commanding as he sings. I had no idea that I would listen to or even like the track, but it's really good!

7. Kehlani - Valentine's Day (Shameful)

Instead of losing her mind, when life gives Kehlani adversity, she goes... to the studio. Following her humiliating and utterly saddening discovery of her ex-boyfriend, rapper YG's infidelity, Kehlani trekked over to the studio and delivered one of her most passionate pieces yet.

The rawness and vulnerability in Lani's display is truly admirable and beautiful to hear as a listener. She always does so well in putting all of herself into her records and her fans always show much appreciation for it!

8. Brent Faiyaz - Let Me Know

Brent came through with this one. A cut from his latest work, "F**k The World," Brent and his somber-yet-soothing voice sings out, "Who can I love when they tell me I can't love myself?" He expresses that he could not possibly love someone else if society and others try to tell him he can't love himself.

He really tackles some serious concepts of life as he sings about how we hurt one another, kill each other, love, healing, and more. He reminds us all to believe in ourselves and our identities. It's one of my absolute favorites from the project. He always provides pure authenticity in his music.

9. Justin Bieber - E.T.A

It's no hidden thing, that I have publicly shared my love for JB's newest album Changes and that I really am happy that he's back. While I loved majority of the album, this was one of those standout tracks that immediately caught my attention. Almost sounding like his "All That Matters" track from his 2013 album, Journals, JB got deep in his R&B bag and brought that flavor back.

The message is actually very simple: JB literally is craving his wife in every way possible. He desires her so much he's literally demanding her E.T.A. (estimated time arrival) until she gets home so he can just bask in her goodness. He reminds us that he can bring that R&Bieber back out at anytime he chooses.

10. PJ Morton - Let Go (feat. The Walls Group) [Acoustic Version]

Of course I had to take y'all to church with my last selection. Ever since I tapped into PJ Morton's, The Piano Album, my spirit was truly touched in more ways than I can describe. One of the cuts that instantly imprinted itself in my soul was Morton's acoustic version of "Let Go," featuring The Wall Group.

Blessed is not even the word for what this rendition did for me. Ushering in the spirit of the Lord PJ and the Walls Group created a holy moment with this track. The song is not necessarily a new song at all. I remember hearing it when I was younger.

However, it's something about how they constructed this version that almost caused me to weep. It's truly a moment and I'm thankful for it.

February might have been one of my most unique displays yet. I was a little worried initially, but of course the artists showed up and showed out with their new tunes. I've already added majority of these to my playlists (which I've attached below for anyone who wants to listen to some new tracks.)

Now with March here, I'm positive we will see similar results!

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