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JMW's Top 10 Songs of August 2019

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

While the month of September has reached it's end, the previous month of August left me with so many different pure musical gems that have truly become some of my favorite songs out right now. Let's check out my top 10 songs of August.

1. Rick Ross - Summer Reign (feat. Summer Walker)

Who would've ever thought that Rick Ross and Summer Walker were the duo that we all needed? From beginning to end, the "Port of Miami 2" cut is simply so smooth. Summer's magical vocals truly bless the entire track. She literally makes you lose yourself as she sings her heart out through the chorus.

As usual, Ross paints this visual of luxury living with his lady and simply enjoying life and each other. To be honest, I can't even explain how many times I have played this song (probably more than I should).

2. Summer Walker - Playing Games

Released as the first single from her highly anticipated album, "Over It," Summer Walker delivers one of the best vibes of the Summer with "Playing Games." The message is pretty straightforward: she wants her lover to literally stop toying with her. She longs for his actions to match his words. She desires something real that does not need to be hidden.

Her voice is just so pure, real, and passionate. Honestly, anything that Summer Walker creates is a true hit. She has not missed (yet) and she is definitely up next on the R&B train.

3. Snoh Aalegra - I Want You Around

Now, while the record has been out since February, I discovered this heavenly body of work once I played Snoh Aalegra's album, "Ugh, those feels again." Literally EVERYTHING about this song, the album, and Snoh in general is overwhelmingly beautiful. It is truly a beautiful piece of work.

Telling this timeless story of being so in love that even when trying to resist the love she has for her partner, Snoh creates such a wonderful melody that both men and women can't help but sing along to. She longs the presence of her lover. The message is very relatable, the production is smoother than honey, and her vocals are so mature and refreshing.

4. Jorja Smith - Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)

As the follow up to her debut album "Lost & Found," Jorja Smith delivers such an upbeat vibe that embodies exactly what Summer is all about. Tapping the Afrobeats king himself, Burna Boy, the two come together yet again and create straight vibes! Imagine this: You're at a day party looking fly as hell, a certain someone simply catches your eye and you're slightly obsessed. You don't know anything about them but they possess this mysterious appeal that entices you and you simply need more of it.

They're looking good and you just want to chase after them. That is exactly what "Be Honest" makes me think of when I play it. It's such a feel good record and you really just want to dance the whole time it's on.

5. Young Thug - What's the Move (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Let's be clear, Thugger and Uzi simply DO NOT MISS. "What's the Move" further solidifies this as the two bounce off of each other with charismatic verses that keep any and every party jumping. The production is great and the song is truly a feel good song. Anytime I play this record, I'm just happy, I want to have fun, and just enjoy myself.

Thug radiates much of that vintage Thugger Thugger swag that made many of his fans fall in love with him years ago. If this isn't on your playlist... is your playlist even worth playing?

6. Normani - Motivation

There are many names people try to throw in the "Up Next" category, but if Normani is not one of them, throw the entire list away. From delivery, execution and visuals, Motivation is truly the record I never knew I even wanted. I'm not a huge fan of Pop, but that is the beauty of "Motivation" and Normani. She really makes it enjoyable while staying true to herself.

The visual is insane! Normani holds nothing back and channels the 2000s in the video. From her body to the choreography, outfits and more, everything is flawless. Truly, the video makes you love the song. The chorus is contagious and her voice is still strong channeling this new wave of modern Pop.

7. Yo Gotti - Pose (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

It was something about this song on first listen that I knew it was immediately for me. Whether it was the bass-heavy production, Gotti's swag, or Uzi's flex, I could not get enough of this song. The two flow so well together and the song is so hard! Gotti slightly flexes throughout his verse discussing his success and wealth.

These type of environments are perfect for Uzi! He goes off (per usual) as he brags about his style, his women, and all of his designer drip. Honestly how can you hate him? This is definitely one of those pregame records that get you hype before you leave for the event.

8. Shy Glizzy - Waikiki Flow

Keeping the same energy of flex, Shy Glizzy literally released in my opinion one of the best records of the Summer. "Waikiki Flow" is pure flex, finesse, and straight DC energy. Glizzy never really lets me down (Yes, I'm a bit biased and that's fine). However, in all honesty the track is truly dope.

Glizzy hops out of the gate with pure tenacity and aggression. In this form, he is truly a force to be reckoned with. His flow is flawless, his swag is perfect, and the delivery truly reaps the benefit of it. The visual is pretty sick too!

9. A$AP Rocky - Babushka Boi

Arriving as his first post-prison track, A$AP Rocky truly channels that vintage ASAP appeal with this one. Eerie, mysterious, and fun, the visual mimics the production of the song. Rocky executes effortlessly. As usual, Rocky provides that "Pretty MF" flex that we all know and love.

He is just so cool and has the talent to back up everything he says. His delivery feels like trademark Rocky but also feels new and invigorating.

10. H.E.R. - Something Keeps Pulling Me Back

Sampling Chingy and Tyrese's "Pullin' Me Back," H.E.R. delivers YET AGAIN. Released from her latest work, "I Used To Know Her," "Something Keeps Pulling Me Back" is such a timeless mood. With her ghostly, shadowy appeal, the R&B powerhouse relishes over trying to leave from this clearly toxic relationship she's engaged in. However, every time she tries to depart, there is a certain force that reels her in like a fish and keeps her around.

She knows she needs to go but she just... can't. H.E.R's energy is just untouched. Her voice is sexy, pure, and refreshing all in one. She never misses and she always leaves me wanting so much more. The production is subtle, making it very easy to focus on H.E.R's voice and lyrics.

August's collection of songs are a lot more personal as they are songs that I literally continue to play everyday now. August impressed me more than I even expected. With that being said, September hopefully will keep that same energy!

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