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JMW's Top 10 Songs of May 2019

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

With June already at the halfway mark, and summer swiftly approaching, let's look back on the many unforgettable, memorable music moments May provided for us! Here are my top 10 tracks of May!

1. Jhene Aiko - Triggered

Everyone's favorite emotional carefree spirit literally shook foundations when she released this moving, heartfelt freestyle. Triggered takes every emotion that Jhene felt during her time with ex-love (Big Sean) and pours it onto the canvas of this song. She tells a story that both women and men of all ages can relate to whether directly or indirectly.

Her passion is like a racehorse and her voice is so moving. When i played this I literally had it on a loop for about an hour. Jhene never lets me down and I cannot wait for the album.

2. Ari Lennox - Broke (featuring. JID)

My obsession for this young lady here has literally grown so dramatically. Let's begin with the fact that her album is actually perfect... in real life! Broke is one of my absolute favorite cuts from the record and she channels her innermost Erykah Badu spirit. Her voice, while strong and passionate, is literally like the smoothest shea butter possible (see what I did there). JID hops on the track with literally one of the smoothest verses I've heard this year. The record simply FEELS good. Even now, I still cannot get enough of it.

3. DJ Khaled - Just Us (featuring. SZA)

DJ Khaled and SZA are the unlike pair that I never knew I needed. Let's begin with the fact that Khaled is a genius for incorporating Outcast's Ms. Jackson production over the record. Add the energy and charisma that is Solána Rowe (SZA if you didn't know), and you have a great record.

SZA ate the entire record and even showed us she has a little flow in her. Her vocals were pretty good and it just felt great to hear her on a song again. Besides Khaled's unnecessary ad-libs the song is great to me.

4. HoodRich Pablo Juan - Just Vibe (featuring. Gunna)

This song goes in my book for the smoothest song of May. Hoodrich and Gunna did exactly what needed to be done on the track. While I'm not the biggest fan of Hoodrich, I actually like his flow, swag and execution. It's so laid back. Adding Gunna just adds the icing on the cake as he effortlessly floats right on in on the track. Like the common cold, the song is utterly contagious.

5. Megan Thee Stallion - Cash Sh*t (featuring. Da Baby)

Megan... where do I begin? She laid everything out on Cash Sh*t. Literally from the first listen when her project dropped, I knew this was the one for me. Her raunchy delivery, cocky energy, and purely sexual energy literally sold the record for me.

However, out of nowhere, Da Baby follows her lead and the two create a BANGER. Like an alternate version of Trina & Trick Daddy, these two flow together like ice cream and cake. Both of them so raw and aggressive just make the track great.

6. Young Nudy & Pi'erre Bourne - Extendo (featuring. Lil Uzi Vert)

I recently found myself listening to Nudy once he dropped this Sli'merre project with Pi'erre Bourne. I will say, "Extendo" was literally the first record that grabbed me by the throat. Nudy, Pi'erre & Uzi made magic on the track. Nudy set the tone and then Uzi got in the game and made sure victory was ensured. The flow, ad-libs, delivery and production just make you feel like a boss and leaves you wanting more!

7. Moneybagg Yo - Dior (feat. Gunna)

Moneybagg has been on the radar for some time now and with the release of his latest project, 43VA Heartless my liking for him grew even more. "Dior" is another one of those feel good records that you play when you at the pregame for the party and you feeling yourself. Per usual, Gunna floats right on in again and delivers that quick, clean verse.

Moneybagg's style of rap is raw and I like it. He says exactly what's on his mind and it just sounds good. He really embodies the hood and you can feel it in his music.

8. Blac Youngsta - Cut Up

Because of his antics on social media, I already have much love for Blac Youngsta. However, you'd be dumb to say Blac Youngsta does not crank out some bangers. Cut Up is fast paced and is perfect for any party, function, or any (ratchet) event. It does not possess any heavy lyrical content that makes you think. It simply makes you want to have fun.

Blac Youngsta makes the music for the ladies who dress like a million dollars but have no problem twerking something serious. The song definitely gives off summertime vibes and again makes you want to... make a move like he states in the song.

9. Ari Lennox - Facetime

Facetime is the full embodiment of having candles lit in the crib with a glass of wine, while it rains. It is so serene, so peaceful, and so mellow. With her utmost Neo soul spirit, Ari tells a story simply using a tool from our lovely iPhones. She longs to put it on her lover in utterly the worst way possible *wink wink.* So what does she do? She Facetimes him, getting each other in the mood for the real showdown that is to come.

10. Tyler the Creator - EARFQUAKE

Tyler the Creator really solidified his artistry with the release of his album, IGOR. "EARFQUAKE" is truly GROOVY. With the intermixing of Playboi Carti & the iconic Charlie, last name Wilson, Tyler creates an experience unlike anything I have ever heard before.

The production is so crystal clear and flawless, you almost lose yourself in it. The soul that radiates from the track is honestly overwhelming (in a good way). Tyler truly outdid himself with this one.

May brought many gems, moments, and experiences that I am honestly very grateful for. If you have never played any of these, please feel free to listen now. If you have then you simply already know the vibes. I can't wait to see what songs I fall in love with for June!

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