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JMW's Top 10 Songs of March 2019

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Without a doubt, music is literally one of my safe places. When I'm happy? I play music. When I'm sad? I play music. Basically any emotion you can think of, I'm usually somewhere with my headphones in playing music. Music honestly touches me in ways that other things simply cannot.

Also, because of my love for it, I often find myself constantly sharing what I'm playing on social media or directly with my friends (I'm sure they are tired of me). I have been told my taste in music is pretty dope so I thought, "Hey, why not share what I've been listening to monthly?"

My top 10 songs for March 2019 are not necessarily songs that are super hot or even super known to some. You honestly may not even like them. They may not even be songs necessarily released in that particular month but they are tunes that have simply resonated on my spirit so heavily in the previous month.

1. Rico Nasty - "Sandy"

Honestly, I'm actually heavily obsessed with Rico and her flow. Fueled with pure charisma, aggression, and raw appeal, the fellow DMV native literally never lets me down. Produced by the amazing Kenny Beats, Rico literally FLOATS over this entire beat effortless. The moment you hear her yell "RICO" and the beat drops, it's over.

The track literally makes you want hit like 85 on the highway with the roof down. Rico just doesn't miss with me. Her lyrics are pretty simple and basic, but it's the delivery that keeps me wanting more. With her new project, "Anger Management" set to drop this month, I cannot wait for the heat she brings.

2. Kelow Latesha - "Call Security"

I've recently been listening to this other fellow DMV native. After seeing her video for "Prada Me" floating all throughout Twitter, I needed more. It's something about Kelow's demeanor, confidence and her unorthodox flow that literally gives me chills. The record hits a little over a minute and 30 seconds, but it gets me so hype. Kelow's energy mirrors that of Rico's as she screeches and yells.

Her flow is so smooth and cocky and I love everything about that. By the time you reach the end, you find yourself screaming, "I'm tired of broke b*tches, I'm tired of broke n***as" at the top of your lungs.

3. Kehlani - “Footsteps” (feat. Musiq Soulchild)

With her return back to music at the end of February, Lani gave us one (in my opinion) one of the best songs of 2019 already. Kehlani and Musiq come together creating this beautiful unforgettable melody that pulls listeners hearts on the first listen. Her voice is so serene, passionate, and experienced. She rides the mellow production with pure ease before Musiq comes in and the two body the song together.

4. Khalid - “Talk”

Released as the lead single from his upcoming project, "Free Sprit," I literally love this entire record. It gives such a suave 90's R&B appeal, and Khalid is honestly at his best! His voice is passionate, strong, and his cadences are flawless. He hits every key and pitch without any effort. The production is very soothing and playful. The lyricism is pretty decent as well and it makes for a great listen!

5. DaBaby - "Suge"

DaBaby is another artist that I really found through Twitter seeing many of my peers talk about him. I couldn't help but tune into his debut album, "Baby on Baby" and I'm oh so glad I did. Immediately after playing the record, the first track that stood out to me from first listen was "Suge." The charisma, bars, humor, and braggadocios energy reeled me in. DaBaby's style of rap is so unique and distinguishes him from other up and coming rappers today. He literally has fun with his music and it shows. The flow is very veteran like and he holds nothing back on the beat.

6. Solange - "Stay Flo"

After shocking the masses and following up to her 2016 classic, "A Seat At the Table," with "When I Get Home" last month, I was not sure how I felt about the album on the first listen. But after several plays in the car (and even the shower lol) I found myself falling in utter love with this project. Stay Flo possesses this H-town bounce that I cannot shake.

While Solange's presence on the song is very chill and calm, the record still has this undeniable energy that makes you want to dance! Even with the constant repetition in the song, it does not take away from the record. In fact, it leaves me wishing this song was longer.

7. Post Malone - "Wow"

Now, this gem came out at the end of 2018 in December but I found myself really falling in love with the record last month. It's something about Post Malone's swag and charisma that i really enjoy. This record is just real... SMOOTH (and it slaps so viciously in the car). The production is so clean. Posty is such a rockstar and the song is just so contagious. I definitely find myself playing this several times a day.

8. Doja Cat - "Tia Tamera" (feat. Rico Nasty)

Now, I had not really listened to Doja Cat prior to this track but I am definitely a fan of the entire track. Doja and Rico ate the beat. The two bodied the entire record and they know they did. The lyricism and bars are playful but they still hit at the same time. The two create this dope duo and make a true moment with the song. The visual is even better and makes me love the song even more than I already did. From the chorus to the verses, everything is so catchy and contagious. You can't help but sing along.

9. Tierra Whack - "Clones"

I found out about both Tierra Whack and the song on an Apple Music playlist while I was in the gym looking for a vibe to run to on the treadmill. It's safe to say... I found the perfect vibe. While I'm still very new to Tierra Whack, I'm definitely interested in her music now. The song literally literally gets you lit from beginning to end. The concept is pretty simply as the lyrics help to show the point of the song. Tierra's flow is very different and I love that. While everyone only covers Cardi, Nicki, and the City Girls, Ms. Tierra Whack brings a very unique dynamic to the female rap realm and I definitely need more!

10. Gunna - "3 Headed Snake" (feat. Young Thug)

There's simply something about Gunna that I genuinely like. His unconventional form of rapping really peaks my interest (and definitely gets me hype). Add Thugger Thugger and now this is a complete hit. The two go back and forth with their verses in this sort of Goku / Vegeta relationship and I love it. The record brings out the stink face and definitely makes you want to flex to your maximum potential! The song is definitely made for the club and party scene for sure. There is just no way you can turn this on and not feel the high energy!

Overall, these 10 songs were definitely some of the tunes over the last month that I found myself just playing over and over. While each and every track is different and possesses distinct qualities, they all equally (again, in my opinion) are great!

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Anthony Minter
Anthony Minter
02. Apr. 2019

Amazing as per usual 👌🏾👌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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