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Jhene Aiko - "Triggered (freestyle)"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Our soul-hitting, emotional fave is back! Released at the wee hours of this morning (May. 8), "Triggered" focuses on the emotions, feelings, and thoughts that usually follow a failed relationship.

Go figure You were the trigger You brought me to an obstructed view When you knew the picture was bigger Who am I kiddin'? Knew from the beginning You'd ruin everything, you do it every time You are my enemy, you are no friend of mind, muhf*cker

Without much effort, Jhene calmly tells this universal story that will immediately resonate with listeners. With angelic, soothing vocals, Jhene tells this narrative of the emotional rollercoaster that occurs when dealing with a break up. Instead of being angry, petty, and damaged, she takes the pain that she's been concealing and creates art.

"Triggered" is a healing meditation that women and men all will be able to to relate to. What it says to me is that we are human, we have these emotions that sometimes we ourselves cannot even explain, especially when it pertains to someone who we once loved (or even still love but know we cannot be with for the sake of our sanity).

Jhene is at her most vulnerable state. She holds nothing back and it shows in her execution and vocal display. While she is ultimately singing about not being ok, there is so much beauty in the record. It is truly art reflected into music and boy it's so good to hear.

Along with the record, the visual matches the tune as well. Showcasing a fresh-faced Jhene surrounded by nothing but nature and her thoughts. She sings her heart out and reflects on past relationships, past feelings, past mistakes, and more. Her emotion is raw and viewers will appreciate that in the song and visual.

By the end of the record, Jhene repeatedly utters, "You need to stay out of my way," and you can feel that she means it with her everything.

Now, while it very easy (and quite convenient) to assume the song is about her ex-boyfriend, Big Sean, Jhene has already made it clear that it is not a diss towards him but simply a moment that she was experiencing, and has now come and went.

Following the untimely death of her friend and fellow LA native, the late Nipsey Hussle, Jhene penned a very heartfelt message to Sean on Instagram, where she expressed that while they may not be together she will always have love for him.

While there is no expected date (yet) for Jhene's album, she has hinted that the future project will consist of freestyles focusing on her experiences in her past, present, and even future relationships.

Whatever is coming, if it even remotely mimics "Triggered" or "Wasted Love," we not only want more, we need more Jhene!

Stream Jhene Aiko's "Triggered (freestyle)" here on Apple Music!

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