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Chris Brown & Young Thug: "Slime & B" Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Did you ever wonder what a joint collaborative mixtape from Chris Brown and Young Thug might sound like? If the answer was no, then we are all thinking exactly the same. However, on Tuesday (May. 5), the two made the unimaginable what-if a reality with the release of their surprising project, Slime & B. Released just in time for Chris Brown's 31st birthday (and Cinco de Mayo), the project consists of 13 tracks and holds guest slots from Gunna, Future, Too $hort, E-40, and more. Chris had been teasing the project since the beginning of April. Last Tuesday (Apr. 28), In a now-deleted Instagram post, he actually announced the date of the joint effort with Thug writing, "5th day of the 5th month @thuggerthugger1." On Monday (May. 4), Thug followed with his own uplifting Instagram post on the joint release.

Slime & B is the two artists' first joint project ever. However, Thug and Breezy have previously collaborated in the past on hits like Breezy's 2017 Heartbreak on a Full Moon cut, "High End" with Future, and on the remix to Chris' 2015 hit, "Wrist." For a project no one saw coming, Slime & B packs such jolting punch.

The tape begins with the riveting "Say You Love Me." Produced by Murda Beatz and OG Parker, the menacing beat starts to crank full throttle as Thug executes a charismatic chorus. Immediately, listeners are greeted with the "Slime" essence of the Slime & B project. He sets the tone with his unique wordplay and delivery as the song seamlessly transitions to Chris' part. Here, Chris brings his usual R&B charm. "Say You Love Me" simply gives us a taste of the smooth style of Thug and Chris. The two effortlessly mesh their styles as they both tell their respective woman how to talk to them when engaging in sex. The cohesion only strengthens as we continue through the tape. Sampling The Showboys' 1986 single, "Drag Rap (Triggerman)," "Go Crazy" delivers that trademark R&B appeal that Chris usually gives fans. He sings to his lover telling her he knows she's not as innocent as she may portray. A harmonic Thug follows behind Breezy interfusing singing with his animated bars (and it all sounds great). "Go Crazy" really radiates pure summer vibes. There's this exciting musicality in "Go Crazy" that makes you think of going to an adventurous brunch with your friends (or significant other) on a hot Summer day.

The tag-team duo of Breezy and Thugger never tires, grows old, or bores. The next standout arrives at the slimy "I Got Time!" Over whimsical trap production, Chris takes it up another level providing the charm and allure. Breezy delivers a memorable chorus while Thug and Shad da God bring Atlanta appeal. Slime season continues on both "She Bumped Her Head" and "Big Slimes. "She Bumped Her Head" recruits none other than Gunna. Both Chris and Thug come together on the bold chorus before each of the artists deliver their braggadocios, high-end verses regarding their lifestyles. "Big Slimes" taps Gunna yet again while adding an assist from Duke. Here, Thug brings the heat as he takes over and glides over the Turbo-produced track. He takes us to So Much Fun days when outside was an actual reality. Thug's soldiers, Gunna and Duke take the slime level up several notches with their rapid style flow, while Breezy compliments them with his R&B core.

Towards the second half of the project, Chris takes control. Project cuts such as "I Ain't Tryin," and "Animal" slows down the pace and showers listeners with Chris' soulful core. "I Ain't Tryin" flaunts a sweet melody while "Animal" exhibits Heartbreak on a Full Moon / Indigo sensations. Here, Chris meshes the tones of contemporary R&B and pop. He reflects on his fast life - the women, drugs, and more. He relates his current lifestyle to feeling like an animal and he's tired. As the album continues, he brings out his sensual, sultry aura on the slow-burning "City Girls." Thug and Chris come together and successfully create a dope Trap & B love song as they sing about care-free women who live life on their own terms. These women seem to excite Thug and Chris and they have no problem showing it.

Done for the culture, "Stolen" (a personal favorite of mine), finds Chris and Thug passionately singing about recovering from heartbreak. They are trying to regroup and mend their hearts from the damage. It is the most deeply felt record on the mixtape. Chris speeds up the tempo on the Bay-styled "Undrunk," tapping the legendary E-40 and Too $hort. While the song tries its best to be club banger, it unfortunately falls short.

While streaming services officially end the project with "No Such Thing," the mixtape actually initially ended with the Future-assisted "Help Me Breath." Originally placed as the project's closer, "Help Me Breathe" forms the familiar irresistible duo of Mr. Future Hendrix and Thugger. Over the swirling, intoxicating Wheezy production, Thug initiates singing about the importance of his significant other to him. Like a needy kid, he needs her more than ever. Mr. Hendrix serenades his lover with alluring luxury verses as he makes her the focus of his eye. Since the release of the mixtape, the song has been removed from the project's track list and available streaming platforms.

Overall, Slime & B, is a project that world didn't know they needed. The unity of both Chris Brown and Young Thug is placed on full display and creates a completely unique experience that listeners will enjoy. The charisma shines throughout the tape and the two smoothly flow through each track without much flaw. This tape shows that Chris can indeed produce meaningful content with projects less than 20 + songs (Thank God). Slime & B provides the ladies with some summer bangers while we all eagerly await freedom to explore the outside world again. On their first collaborative effort, the two bring back pure partnership in music and reignites hope for future joint projects. I give Slime & B an 8/10.

Top 5 Songs from Slime & B:

Say You Love Me

Go Crazy


I Got Time

She Bumped Her Head

Honorable Mention: City Girls

You can stream Chris Brown and Young Thug's "Slime & B" below.

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