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Bryson Tiller Returns with "Inhale"

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

After a never-ending sea of requests from fans demanding new music, a renewed mind, and major life events, Mr. "Don't," Bryson Tiller is back with both a new single and video, "Inhale." Released Thursday (Sept. 3), at midnight, "Inhale" arrives as the lead single to Tiller's highly anticipated Fall album. The upcoming project comes 3 years after 2017's True To Self. The young artist opened up about his struggles with depression following the release of the album and its rather... negative feedback.

However, Tiller is back and sounding oh so much better! Prior to releasing the single, the 27-year-old Kentucky native was busy on social media trolling and teasing fans about all of this unreleased music he was sitting on.

Produced by Dpat, "Inhale" emits utter 90's nostalgia. The record samples Mary J. Blige's "Not Gon' Cry" and R&B trio, SWV's "All Night Long" from the iconic 1995 "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack. Tiller brings the chilling soulful energy that we have so deeply missed. His voice cradles the beat and listeners can tell he feels at home with the vintage production. He reflects over a past relationship that seems to have met its end. He laments over the love he had and he proudly declares how much he misses his woman.

"Baby girl, I miss when you adored me (Yeah)

When you left me, honey, that sh*t tore me (Oh)

F**k bein' on Forbes, I felt rich when I was yours

Feel more like a corpse, all these women been a bore (Mm).”

Dim and low-toned, the Ro.lexx- directed visual for "Inhale" matches the melancholic production. Viewers watch both the ups and downs of Tiller's relationship. Towards the very end of the video, a black screen appears announcing that Tiller's third album will release this Fall. So don't you worry, this is simply an appetizer for the entrée.

Bryson is no stranger to the heartbreak hotel. (While we love to see the young artist happy of course) He thrives in wrenching, sorrowful R&B. His delivery radiates that same Tiller we fell in love with back on TRAPSOUL. His energy feels inspired and his execution shows that he is in a place where he is enjoying the music again. As a listener, the new music sounds great and it's truly good to hear and see Bryson again.

Stream Bryson Tiller's below on Apple Music or watch above on YouTube!

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