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Joe Meets EyeBuyDirect

With Daylight Savings time here, tastes of warmer temperatures, and heavy anticipation for more Covid-19 vaccinations, the excitement for both Spring/Summer increasingly grows day by day. It's a no brainer that this global pandemic put a strong pause on life in such a way that no one could have imagined. However, hope is still alive.

Along with these warmer temperatures comes the excitement for outdoor activities, intimate gatherings (Covid appropriate of course,) and most importantly, trips! If you're anything like me, an accessory that is a necessity for any of the previously named functions is no other than, sunglasses/sunshades!

I teamed up with EyeBuyDirect and grabbed a pair of their new shades from their innovative new line. Founded in 2006, the leading online retailer allows their consumers to express both individuality and optimism through its Retro Acetate Collection. This innovative line is characterized by its romanticizing of the 60's look. The collection contains oversized glasses that radiate pure funky appeal. They come in various sizes (for example, oval) and tinted lenses that really deliver that psychedelic, groovy approach. The Retro Acetate Collection possesses 11 frames for both men and women, start at $32 dollars, and also qualify for free (yes, I said free) two-day shipping. Who doesn't love a good deal?

If you're also like me, having too many choices to choose from can be a tad bit overwhelming, leaving you unable to decide on a pair. No worries though! EyeBuyDirect has you covered with a list of four of their more popular frames from the collection (check them all out though):

- Ellen:

- Kit:

- Bree:

Because EyeBuyDirect cares heavily about what the CUSTOMER wants, each and every pair of shades can be customized with prescription options. They also give consumers the option to opt into blue light locking lenses, and all of the frames are also a part of the Buy 1, Give 1 program which allows them to donate a free pair of frames with every purchase to a person in need around the world.

On a more personal note, if you know me, you know I truly love sunglasses/sunshades. I'm the one who will wear them even if it's dark outside because the frames are a part of the outfit. So, when I was given this incredible opportunity, it was only right that I grab a pair of these dope spectacles.

Because of the numerous options, I decided to go with a pick from the popular frames and chose the Kit frames. For me, the Kit frames were different. They exude a very retro look with the chunky face front and the rectangular form. My style is always evolving so I wanted to divert from my normal glasses choices and take a risk. What really reeled me in was the green color. That green is very sleek and bold. I feel that it is perfect for Spring and Summer (really all year round if you ask me. I tend to do my own thing when it comes to fashion and style).

Much like myself, the Kit frames speak to artistic expression. They allow you to stand out, be yourself, and be confident within that. So, the choice was very easy for me to go with these particular frames. As Spring nears, I decided to do a green-on-green look and paired the frames with my green track jacket from Panache (I think this particular color is now sold out but they have even better colors on the site right now!). You can see the styling pictured below.

Now, if you are not a fan of the Retro Acetate Collection, that's fine! EyeBuyDirect offers over 2000 pairs of affordable, stylish, quality frames for men, women, and even children! Their formula is simple - they put the customers' thoughts, concerns, and desires first. There's truly a style for everyone! You can learn more about the vast variety of styles at and you can also check out them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how they look on others if you need some help before making that purchase.

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