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It's been slightly over 3 weeks since I made my way to Houston for the first time and I can genuinely say, it was one of the best trips I've been on. To give a brief background, a group of about 7 of us decided to visit H-Town for my cousin's (who is literally more like my brother than anything else) 26th birthday. We stayed for about 4 days, 3 nights total. And from the moment we landed to when we left, the energy was special. Of course, with every trip comes many various elements. However, one of the most important matters are the fits and looks...

Downtown Houston

For Houston, I kept telling my family/friends verbatim that I wanted to do a "cool boy" vibe. For me, that meant stepping in fly fits but being steezy as well. Basically, chill but everything still is a big deal in some aspect. It's been quite some time since creating a style post, but I still like to consider the emphasis of my style to be on futuristic appealing streetwear. I just enjoy looking different. I've always been that way. While I do love designer brands, I don't allow them to become my identity. I really will shop anywhere - Pacsun, Zara, Amazon, SSENSE, Cettire, Farfetch, ASOS, Nordstrom, and much more. My focus isn't always on the brand but on the item. I utterly need to be in love with what I'm buying and should be able to wear it more than once. I have to literally envision myself in it and how I would make it work for me. After that, then we can look at what the brand is and all those other politics.

Beginning with our flight to Houston, it's a no-brainer that I want to always be comfortable during a flight. So, I decided to wear one of my favorite brands, Essentials. If you ask any of my friends, I basically live in my Essentials pieces. Not only are they so very cozy, but they also match my exact vibe of being fly but still being comfy. I don't have to do too much because the pieces speak for themselves. I threw on the Pink Raglan Hoodie and the Pink Drawstring Lounge Pants. To finish the comfy airport steeze, I put on my Ochre Foam Rnnrs that I received as a Christmas gift. I purchased both of the garments from SSENSE. You can literally always find Essentials pieces available on SSENSE or Pacsun for sure.

Once the gang all started to arrive and get settled, we decided to visit one of the hot spots in Houston called Atomic Bottle for the first night. We had such a ball it really made no sense. Now, because it was still technically winter, I decided to be safe most of this trip and still have slight layers in my fits. I paired this Scrap Art Hoodie I bought from Pacsun (it may no longer be available now) with some Flare Denim from MNML, Prada sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack, and my Rick Owens DRKSHDW high-top sneakers from Farfetch.

The following day was my brother's birthday and we had multiple activities planned. For the earlier part of the day, we went to a restaurant called Lost and Found. The food was exceptional. Unfortunately, I underestimated the weather. It was rather... hot. As previously stated, I live in Essentials. I wore the Yellow Raglan Hoodie & the accompanying Yellow Drawstring Lounge Pants with Green BAPE Sta sneakers from SSENSE and black Ferragamo shades from Nordstrom Rack to top it off.

For the nighttime, the birthday boy wanted to visit Club Onyx Houston. We had a section, so my energy transformed into a cool-yet-lowkey rich celebrity. I paired a gray Men's Billionaire Boys Club Icon hoodie from Nordstrom and gray shades from The Flyest In The Room, with deadstock green, multipocketed cargo pants from a black-owned brand, Leblanc Private Gallery and gray Triple S Balenciaga Sneakers, from SSENSE.

One thing about the world of Houston, it simply just keeps going. The motion out there is insane. On our final day, we kept the tide rolling and went to Prospect Park for brunch. While it was nice and sunny, the energy here was lacking due to the lack of good music. It was so disappointing but as we always do, we make wherever we go fun for us. This time I was prepared and dressed accordingly for the daytime. I went lighter on the layers and wore a Black Marni T-Shirt from Cettire, black Ferragamo sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack, black Zanerobe shorts from Nordstrom Rack, and Sulfur Green Yeezy Boost 350 V2 from Adidas.

For the grand finale, we booked a section at The Address. This spot was easily one of my favorite locations for the entire trip. The atmosphere, energy, and liveliness were unlike anything I'd experienced. I wanted Hip-Hop, rockstar appeal for the night, so I chose an Orange Printed Short-Sleeved Button Up shirt from one of my favorite brands, Zella Fermani, black, skinny, faux leather trousers from ASOS, black Quay Australia sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack, and the Rick Owens DRKSHDW high-top sneakers from Farfetch.

Overall, I think I successfully fulfilled my goal of being on some "cool boy" appeal. I was pretty comfortable for the majority of the trip and I really enjoyed how I pieced each outfit together. It is a true testament to how unique my style is. No outfit really looked like the other and I really loved that the most. Houston was one for the books. Memories were made and I for sure will definitely be back.

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