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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Over the past few months, the phenomenon known as "brunching" has taken over social media as well as the lives of millennials each and every Sunday. Yes, I know people have been going to brunch for ages but as it relates to me, it really became so popular this year, ESPECIALLY this summer. I've hit up a few brunch spots but I was able to go a place I had never been before. Yesterday, a group of my friends and I came together and decided to visit this hot brunch spot entitled, 801 Restaurant and Bar, located in NorthWest D.C on Florida Avenue! The food was literally so good and the atmosphere was very chill and perfect for young, networking millennials.

For this occasion, I decided to keep the entire outfit focused on one color - black! Although I love wearing color and experimenting with various patterns, all black outfits will continue to be a part of my wardrobe. I decided to throw on an oversized hoodie in Borg material from ASOS. The middle of the hoodie contains a woven panel and really completed the streetwear feel while also adding the layer of sophistication I desired. It was also perfect because it is really comfortable and it kept me warm!

For the lower half of the fit, I paired the hoodie with black distressed denim from one of my favorite upcoming sites, While still affordable, the brand delivers some of the best, premium denim I have ever worn. I completed the outfit with flame "Old Skool" vans and yellow shades from Bluu Eyewear to add further edge to the outfit.

When it comes to my style, I would like to describe it as if New York and L.A. had a child and raised him in DC/ Maryland. Some moments I may deliver a nostalgic, 90's vibe, or I may want to throw on some vans with simple denim and a dope graphic tee. In other moments, I want to feel like I'm out in New York for fashion week with the best of best, And other times, I feel like I'm a part of Migos and want to be a little flashier than usual.

I literally love streetwear. Some of my fashion role models includes figures such as: Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, and Chris Brown to name a few. I honestly find style inspiration from everything. I see so many dope individuals on Instagram, and they make me want to step my game up. I love seeing people pair outfits together so well.

Check out my brunch look below!

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