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Up Next: Willy P Brings the Funk and Feels on Visual for Catchy New Single "Good Love"

In these chaotic, unprecedented times today, people lean on music now more than ever. A gateway to another dimension, a stress reliever, alleviator, and more, music has the power/capability to deliver us (even if temporary) from the harsh realities we face throughout our lives. With his laid back vocals, positive demeanor, and catchy flow, Cleveland's own, Willy P uses his music to bring peace, positivity, and hope back into the lives of each and every listener under the sound of his voice.

While only 21-years-old, the University of Colorado Boulder senior has quite the discography with 8 projects already under his belt. His most recent release, February's "Moon Child," is a testament to the skill this young man already possesses. Alternative, innovative, and unorthodox, the project is entirely self mixed, written and mastered by P himself. And while so young, he continues to evolve and grow with each release.

When speaking about his music, P shares the importance it means to him of making an impact and truly touching the lives of those who listen to him while also making the world a much better place to dwell. He also speaks to the significance of divine timing and manifestation as it pertains to his life and experiences.

“I want to use my career as a platform to change the world, help people, and make other’s dreams come true. Everything will line up in the end, and I’ll be able to look back at each success or lesson I experience and I’ll be able to place meaning on that moment in time and how it was a catalyst for me to grow into the person I am becoming.”

Continuing to focus on good energy and vibes, Willy P is back with an eclectic visual from "Moon Child," for his lead single, "Good Love." Simplistic and catchy, "Good Love" is much more than a song of love and utter adoration. The lyricism dives into manifestation and divine timing (themes seen within Willy P and his music.) Reminiscent of a younger Kid Cudi, P possesses this almost nonchalant yet ironically caring aesthetic. The visual guides viewers through the young artist's college life at the University of Colorado Boulder. Again, while initially the hazy production might slightly distract you from the internal messages, Willy P flows about manifesting good love and having such a fiery connection with someone that it truly makes him believe that the two can be exactly what they want to be.

The record fuses different musical layers together such as disco, funk, and indie-pop generating an all new experience for the listener. It's different but it feels good. His aesthetic also is very remindful of the late Mac Miller. With his positive lyrics and charming song-like Hip-Hop appeal, his personality shines through both the song and visual and you can't help but groove to him (even if it's just a little groove).

You can stream Willy P's "Good Love" below on Apple Music or watch the visual above via YouTube, right now!

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