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Wale - "09 Folarin"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020


With yet another single in less then two weeks, Wale is already back with another fiery record, "09 Folarin." Mr. Wale Folarin continues to show us that his pen game is not one to be taken for granted or lightly. Mimicking the title, the track literally exudes vintage Wale flow and appeal. At the early hours of Monday (Jun. 17), Wale took to Twitter to let eager fans know that even more music was to come.

From the song's production and Wale's swag, to his flow and execution, Wale is literally flawless. The beat radiates real mixtape Wale nostalgia. 09 Folarin is simply a chin check to the industry, the fakes and lames, and the haters. Just like a fine wine aging over time, Mr. Folarin shows that he has not lost it in even the slightest of ways and that he is only getting better with time.

His awareness of his talent is evident and he's stronger and better than ever. He even gets a little braggadocios and makes it clear that he's been running things for quite some time now and that the pen game is simply out of reach when it come to these other "rappers" in the game."

"Yall' ni**as should stop thinking yall' near me. Fathered ni***as I stopped seeing, I dead beats. Raw poetry, my pen full of kerosene. Mic full of that lighter fluid, and mind you this light to me."

Literally, all (good) music lovers will completely enjoy the entire 2 minutes and 25 seconds of this freestyle. Wale has not been letting up. Regardless of how anyone feels about the DMV native, you must simply give credit when and where it is due.

Wale is not here for games and "09 Folarin" makes sure to remind listeners of that!

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