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Victoria Monét & Lucky Daye Up the "Smoke" on new single

When it comes to musicality and truly perfecting sound, Victoria Monét simply... GETS IT. Having released her highly acclaimed Jaguar project in 2020, taking time off to start a family, and still pen music for some of your favorite artists, the phenom is back with her brand new single, "Smoke." Arriving as the first single for her highly anticipated Jaguar II, "Smoke" delivers authentic R&B appeal and feeling. Released Friday (Mar. 24), the groovy, carefree, D-Mile-produced record feels so damn good. To amplify matters even more, Monét enlists none other than the sensational Lucky Daye to kick off the Jaguar II era, and oh what a start it is.

It is no hidden fact that Monét is keen for her (sometimes not) discreet sexual innuendos within her hits. "Smoke" continues in that fashion as Monét creates yet another conceptual body of work that leaves you simply wanting more. Celebrating the love of weed the accompanying visual is sheer perfection and shows why artistry should never be rushed as both Victoria and Lucky create a complete gem from beginning to end, from the looks to the sound, and more. The two begin in the desert with Monét laying out on a lawn chair as Lucky is cooking on the grill. As the visual continues, the two make their way to a motel to further their weed celebration. As the video reaches the end, viewers are greeted with a pole dance from Monét inside Lucky's bong as he observes her.

The pair's voices blend seamlessly creating such an undeniable melody that you almost forget you're singing about smoking. Victoria's dedication to creating R&B that is both dynamic yet still utterly true to its core is noteworthy. She continues to push her pen and creativity with each release & "Smoke" is a pure testament to that. Leading up to the release, the singer shared a tweet highlighting that this will be "the start of the best art I've ever made" and her pure joy and excitement for this new era.

If the rest of Jaguar II sounds anything like "Smoke" listeners are indeed in for an amazing treat.

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