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Usher, Lil Jon, & Ludacris Reunite on the Highly-Anticipated "SexBeat!"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Now, it's been quite sometime since we've heard anything from the dynamic trio that is Lil Jon, Ludacris, and Usher. It's actually been over 15 years since the three released a collaboration with 2004's classics, "Lovers and Friends" and "Yeah" However, the three are back at it with their new sensual hit, "SexBeat."

Last week (Apr. 4), during the highly-energetic and utterly enjoyable Instagram Live battle between both T-Pain and Lil Jon, Jon gave eager listeners around the world a snippet of the suave joint track. Immediately, social media and listeners across the world went insane hearing the Jon-produced record and demanded it be dropped right then and there. Even Usher took note of the social media frenzy and teased that the record could come this week.

During the Instagram battle, Lil Jon shared that the three actually created this song TWO YEARS ago (Don't ever make us wait that long for some fire like this again...). However, it was never dropped due to Usher's hesitancy to release it.

Friday (Apr. 10), After seeing the uproar and buzz created from that Instagram battle, Usher came through and made the official release at midnight.

While taking listeners back to the times of the early 2000's, the three manage to create an entirely refreshing sexual vibe in "SexBeat." Lil Jon sets the tone with his trademark larger-than-life production as Ludacris provides his raunchy hard-hitting verse and wordplay. Usher smoothly steps in and effortlessly delivers top tier vocals in only a way he can. The nostalgia alone is enough to swoon listeners, but as you play the song you realize, "No, this is another hit right here!"

From beginning to end, the track is dope. If one thing is certain, it's that Usher Raymond, Lil Jon, and Ludacris will provide you with a vibe no matter the year. Following the epic Instagram battle, Usher sat with Beat's 1 Zane Lowe to discuss working with Luda and Lil Jon again.

"You know, me, Jon, and Luda have been talking about things to do... and we were getting ready to introduce a few new ideas, Usher began. "There's the Lovers and Friends festival that we were getting ready to introduce some things, so stay tuned," he continued.

"This was the beginning, or actually, the continuation of the process for introducing music for my project. It may turn into something more you have to stay tuned... But I will tell you this, it's undeniable; That's the one thing you can say about it," he declared. "When Usher, Jon, and Luda come together, it's always amazing. It allows us to stay connected to our core, like us three together. No matter what Jon is doing, no matter where Ludacris is, no matter where I am, or where I'm going, or what type of music i'm introducing, when we come together, we go back to to the center, like the orbit of who we all are as artists at our best. Ursher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again. You know, it's time!"

As Usher shared in the interview, the three are set to perform at the Lovers & Friends Festival in Los Angeles, California. Initially set for next month, due to Covid-19 and concerns surrounding the virus, the festival has been rescheduled and will now take place on Saturday, August 8.

Listen to Usher, Lil Jon, & Ludacris' "SexBeat" via YouTube above or stream it on all platforms!

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