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Up Next: Roselle Dae - "Mr. Impossible"

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

There are some songs you play and you just cannot get them off of your spirit. You find yourself subconsciously humming them, singing them in your head, and letting them resonate on the inside of you. Roselle Dae’s “Mr Impossible” does that and then some.

Released at the very end of January, “Mr. Impossible” finds Roselle Dae searching for the Mr. Right, Mr. Perfect, Mr. All Of the Above. But in today’s times, it just seems that this is more of a fairytale then a reality. Her spirit bellows throughout the cloudy melodic track as she simply asks, “Where are you, Mr. Impossible?” She longs for a burning love, a love so bright that it shines in the darkest room; a love that simply cannot be contained. However, the connection seems so impossible to the point that she literally searches even in her dreams for this lover.

With Valentine's Day approaching, Roselle Dae shares her desire for a love that she's never experienced before. The song is not all about the man however. As usual, Roselle Dae puts on for the women. She sets a standard for herself and many other women as she makes it clear that she will not lower her standards, status, or expectations as she is on the look for someone worthy enough to be with her (even if it means that person is lost in her dreams for now).

"Mr. Impossible" is a timeless commodity that simply gets better and better with each listen. From production to vocals, and execution, Roselle Dae further proves herself as an artist and continues to put on for authentic R&B.

Stream "Mr Impossible" by Roselle Dae below, right now!

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