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Up Next: Fahrelle Devine Glistens on New Single "Chainsmoke"

When music is made with intention, you can physically both hear it and feel it. The constructed melodies freely and passionately flow throughout your body leaving you wanting more. More than just a catchy tune, the music invokes feeling and heavy stimulation creating an unforgettable experience simultaneously in your mind, body, and soul. These are the exact feelings that DMV native, Fahrelle Devine delivers (and more) on her newest single, "Chainsmoke." Created during the genesis of this ongoing global pandemic, on a music app called "Voisey," the new song is finally here!

Released Thursday (Oct. 14), at midnight, the track finds the young singer doing what she does best, diving into her feelings and thoughts. Over subtle, jazzy production, Devine sings compares a former partnership to the same affects of smoking. Just as a smoker pulls, taking the smoke in and quickly releasing it at will, she makes it clear that her love will not be abused, being taken in and out whenever in the same manner. Because of this realization, she revokes her partner's access to her and her beautiful aura.

We all have experienced a relationship (whether platonic or romantic) where there were times the other individual constantly took but never gave back into us. The feeling is exhausting and leaves the giver (usually us) high and dry with simply nothing left internally to pour out. That is the essence of "Chainsmoke." Fahrelle waves her white flag respectfully. Instead of allowing herself to be pulled, jerked, and tossed, she bows out gracefully due to the acknowledgement of her worth. She knows what she brings to the table and she refuses to be given anything less than that value. If that significant other cannot see it, it is not her responsibility to teach them at this big age.

Fahrelle's vocal texture is synonymous to a great soul food Sunday. Smooth, warm, and emotive, she pulls together the perfect mix and ingredients that makes you want to put this record on an eternal loop. Her wordplay, analogies, and lyricism is impressive, clear, and clever. From beginning to end, she her voice ministers to the listener and tells a story of love, self-worth, and growth. She knows she cannot stay around this toxicity any longer for the sake of her peace of mind.

"Chainsmoke" follows the singer/songwriter's last release, the utterly contagious "Chinese Food," released last year, but reminds us that Fahrelle Devine is a rising force not to be taken lightly. From the vocal control to her lyricism, imagery, & more, "Chainsmoke" shows listeners that true art is not to be rushed and that real music still exists today.

Stream Fahrelle Devine's "Chainsmoke" below via Apple Music.

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