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UMI Battles Her Emotions On "Introspection"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Introspection is defined as: the observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.; the act of looking within oneself. The incomparable UMI embodies this definition and much more on her latest single, "Introspection." Following Earth Day's "Mother" release, UMI deeply dives into the pool of her emotions while analyzing her feelings. Released Thursday (May. 7), at midnight, the young, Neo-Soul filled songstress gives listeners a deeper look into her mind as she decomposes her thoughts and processes her inmost sensibilities.

"Why I'm so afraid to fight back

I got a lot of sh*t to unpack

I never write back

I take it's my bad

I shouldn't take it in

I try to go within myself."

Over the passionate, lo-fi production, UMI struggles internally as she tries to decipher her insecurities and flaws. As her conflict from within continues she longs for freedom; freedom of her imperfections, fears, and vulnerabilities. As the moving ballad continues, UMI actually begins the self-healing process as she continues to battle her inner being. She acknowledges her baggage, but does not use it as any excuse to cripple herself.

"It's all in my mind, it's only emotion

Just look for a sign and swim into ocean

See what you find, could never define

Allow the divine (Allow the divine)

To alter your courses, yeah, ayy."

Her voice is so gentle and pure. She allows her heart to minister to her listeners' hearts as she creates a compelling melody. UMI has this wonderful empathetic appeal where she is able to not only understand and signify the feelings of others, but cause her listeners to understand and feel exactly what it is she feels. Her beauty is much more than the surface. Her spirit and energy pour into listeners as she peels back the layers of her soul. "Introspection" is a declaration of pure transparency, truth, and clarity. It amplifies UMI's sense of self-awareness and strengthens her as both a young woman and upcoming artist.

Following a string of singles, UMI is gearing up to release her highly-anticipated EP, "Introspection" next month.

Stream UMI's "Introspection" below or watch the visualizer above on YouTube!

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