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Teyana Taylor - "Gonna Love Me (Remix)" Video Review

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

"I got 'em asking, "What do she do?" I do everything, I move everything!"

Teyana was not lying when she sang those lyrics! As she continues to blaze through the remainder of 2018, Taylor's work ethic remains untouched! Fresh from celebrating her 28th birthday earlier this week, the sultry, songstress is back with the video for the remix of her soul-warming, core shaking single, "Gonna Love Me," featuring Wu Tang Clan members, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon The Chef! Directed by Ms. Taylor herself, the video literally keeps the same exact energy (pun intended) of the song and makes for a beautiful visual and story.

Shot in Harlem, the cinematic 90's-inspired video begins with a boiling Teyana furious at her on screen boyfriend, Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah after finding some scandalous information in his phone. Showing that she still can command any screen, Taylor assumes the role of a tired, fed-up girlfriend as she yells at Ghostface, throwing anything she can find at him while also cursing him out. Transitioning to the Harlem streets, the plot continues with Taylor storming out of the apartment passionately singing about her chaotic relationship.

With her hair wrapped, her biggest hoop earrings, oversized Vanson motorcycle jacket, and of course, her Timbs, Teyana whole-heartedly channels New York head to toe dancing and singing in the streets:

"Sometimes, we say things that we really don’t mean / We do things in between the lines / We should do more to stand out."
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As the video continues, the camera returns to Ghostface who is still inside of their apartment as he spits his verse on the remix. Relishing over both the ins and outs of their topsy-turvy relationship, Ghostface's delivers a simple yet nostalgic verse over the Kanye-produced record.

The flow is so old school yet so refreshing and relevant to the times.

The video continues with Teyana angrily brushing pass the charismatic Method Man in the stairwell of their apartment as he delivers his verse on the record. Method Man shows he still has the dope lines, bars, clever, witty wordplay, and even throws in some new flavor to his trademark delivery. He and Tey channel such throwback appeal everytime they appear on the screen. Teyana pays homage to Mary J. Blige and effortlessly kills it.

As the video reaches the end, the scene switches to an underground Harlem party featuring Method Man, Ghostface, and Teyana. The mixture results badly with Teyana going after some anonymous woman who she catches out of the corner of her eye trying to push up on Ghostface. A fight ensures and gunshots sound off before the video fades to black. Raekwon does not make any appearances in the video.

For me, I love literally every aspect of this visual. Teyana did her thing both acting and directing this video! It literally exhibits such a 90's New York Hip-Hop feel that it leaves me with goosebumps. The cinematography is so beautiful just showcasing that which is Harlem. It does not try to do too much and be so intricate and the simplicity alone makes it flawless.

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I know Teyana PUTS ON for her city and this video is a testament to that. Prior to the release of the video, I had not listened to the remix (a very, very dumb mistake). However, the video made me fall completely back in love with the original record and appreciate the remix!

The enlisting of Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon was epic and very smart over a beat as such! They along with Tey truly delivered and gave us those feels that R&B/Hip-Hop so desperately need right now. From the outfits and scenery, to the overall creative approach and feel of the video, the vibe is untouched and re-emphasizes placing true art back into music videos / visuals.

She truly is not given enough credit and that simply must stop. Even with a such a turbulent rollout for K.T.S.E. she has managed to use it to her advantage, tour the world, and continue to create. Teyana is definitely capping 2018 off on the right foot. I simply cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for her. #TeyanaTaylor #KTSE #Reviews #Commentary #Videos

Stream "Gonna Love Me (Remix)" here on Apple Music!

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Anthony Minter
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