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Teyana Taylor Drops Dazzling Visuals for "Bare Wit Me" and "Made It"

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It's safe to say that it is officially "Petunia Season." The anticipation for new music from Teyana Taylor has been higher than it's ever been! After recently announcing her forthcoming album, The Album, will drop next month, Teyana has finally answered listeners' prayers of new music! Friday (May 22.), at midnight, the New York artist released not one but TWO new visuals for "Bare Wit Me" & "Made It."

Directed, styled, and choreographed by Tey herself, the cinematic "Bare Wit Me" begins in a theater as ongoing viewers watch both Teyana and her husband, Iman Shumpert on the big screen. Assuming the role of "Grayla Greathouse," Teyana plays a villainous woman who kills "Illinois Jones," played by Iman. Immediately following the murder, Teyana is taken into custody where she is interrogated. Suave, dapper, and collected, Teyana takes on a player mentality declaring her toxic ways as it pertains to relationships.

"I been tellin' n****s lies (True)

Just split up all my time (Yeah)

With two or three guys (True)

'Cause I can't make up my mind, I know

I'm so indecisive (Yeah)."

From style and outfits, to production and execution, Teyana takes viewers back into the days of the Roaring Twenties. Channeling her inner "Smooth Criminal," Teyana flawlessly pays homage to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In black high-water slacks, white socks, black loafers, and a vibrant colorful overcoat, she delivers an utterly chilling dance sequence with four other women by her side. Her moves are crisp; every pop, lock, and roll is on point and effortless. She moves fluidly and reminds her viewers that the artists aren't dancing (and cannot dance) like her these days. Teyana even manages to incorporate viral TikTok dances into her routine. Like a squad of power-ranger styled gangsters, Teyana leads the troop declaring to her lover that if he truly loves her, he's going to have to hang in there and bear with her, baggage and all.

Teyana's voice has always been so soulful and passionate. Listeners feel every syllable in Taylor's delivery. Her way with cadences and low tones are thrilling and alluring. Her vocal runs are heavenly. "Bare Wit Me" brings feels, sexiness, and relatability. While the song is only a little over 2 minutes, it definitely makes a mark leaving both fans and listeners yearning for much more.

Along with "Bare Wit Me," Teyana also released an uplifting, heartfelt visual for another new song entitled "Made It", paying honor and tribute to 2020 graduates all over the world. It is a no-brainer that both high schoolers and college graduates alike, have not been able to properly celebrate their monumental accomplishments due to this paralyzing pandemic. Bringing light to the darkness, Tey celebrates them with an up-tempo vibe. She encourages them to love themselves and hold their heads high. Tey again took to Instagram to share the importance of both the song and the video.

"Class of 2020 this is for you!!!! First and foremost, Thank you to ALL the graduates that contributed to the video! I truly appreciate you & happy to celebrate YOU!!! Unfortunately, this pandemic has stopped us from physically gathering and celebrating all the hard work you’ve put in through the years But this pandemic can’t stop your spirit, it can’t dim your light, and it can’t take your degree away from you!! So when you make it out of this dark time, shine bright and light up the world! Congratulations to the class of 2020, YOU MADE IT,"

Teyana's The Album follows 2018's KTSE. However, this time around, Teyana seems even more focused, driven, and confident. While she's been relatively quiet since the release, Taylor has had no tumultuous rollouts and distractions to hold her back from delivering the art has been placed on her heart. During one of her Instagram Live Q&A sessions, Taylor shared that the album is done. She also went on to share that the album is "more of a vibe" and that fans will indeed be happy. It is great to see Teyana having the full creative control she has desperately desired for so long. The freedom shows in her expression of art and it is. beautiful.

Whatever you've cooked up, we are all hungry and ready Tey.

You can stream both Teyana Taylor's, "Bare Wit Me" and "Made It" below and/or watch the videos above.

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