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SZA Returns with Video for New Single "Hit Different" Featuring Ty Dolla $ign

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It has felt like eons since fans and listeners alike have received a lead single from the sensation that is Solaná Rowe (aka SZA). Since releasing her incredible debut album CTRL back in 2017, the 29-year-old songstress has been relatively mute leaving almost no traces of new music behind. However, that ends today. Released Thursday at midnight, the free-spirited singer is back with an all new single and self-directed visual entitled "Hit Different." Produced by the iconic Neptunes, the single taps none other than the suave Ty Dolla $ign!

Smooth, sensual, and melodic, SZA reflects about being in an open relationship and the obvious pros and cons that comes with such an engagement. Her voice silkily floats over this dreamy production. Entrancing and enticing as ever, she laments over this... entanglement she's in but it appears to be much deeper than the surface. Ty Dolla provides the charismatic chorus as he sings about how the feelings "hit different" when he's alone thinking about who else his lover could potentially be with. Sonically, the two pair up flawlessly. They sound great together.

"I was into you from the beginning even if you wasn't mine

Scared to admit my shortcomings led to overdraft in this affair, declining

Quicker than we started, evidence we misaligned

Man, I get more in love (More in love) with you each argument

Somethin' wrong with me, I like the way you screw your face up

Trigger me right when I need it

You wrong, but I can't get along without you."

As the visual begins, viewers see a beautiful, chocolatey SZA dressed in all orange dancing with a troupe of other gorgeous black women, in a junkyard. As the video begins to transition, watchers then see SZA dancing on top of a haystack, inside of a barn, in the back of a pickup truck, an in a vast field before returning back to the junkyard in an all blue ensemble.

As the video nears the end, viewers are greeted with yet another surprise; an unreleased track from SZA! The video transitions from "Hit Different" and showcases SZA in a bikini and braids harmonically singing lyrics to an unheard, unreleased track (which means... MORE NEW SZA IS ON THE WAY) as she sensually mounts a balance beam.

(picture courtesy of Twitter.)

SZA hinted back in January that the long-awaited followup to CTRL would arrive sometime later this year. However, since then she's been extremely hush and calculated with her movements as it pertains to releasing music. "Hit Different" follows her "The Other Side" collaboration with Justin Timberlake from Trolls World Tour (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) back in February. More recently, the singer took to social media to vocalize her frustrations with her label and team in regards to her music being delayed a few weeks back.

Initially the singer took shot at Top Dog Entertainment head, Terrence "Punch" Henderson about the delay of her music and stirred fans up making them believe she was in a hostile contractual environment. Because of it, fans began the hashtag, "#FreeSZA." However, days after that initial response to fans, she cleared things up tweeting, "Don’t nobody need to free me Lmao. I’m not held hostage n neither is my music! Me n punch be disagreeing,"... He's never steered me wrong and I trust God's timing ... I gotta learn it😬 *paaatience paaaatience paaatience is a virtue."

SZA also linked with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's, New Music Daily Radio to share about the track, her feelings going into the new song, and her creative process in making it.

While we do not have a definite date (yet) of SZA's sophomore album, if it's providing the feels like this, it is most definitely worth the wait.

Stream SZA's "Hit Different" featuring. Ty Dolla $ign below on Apple Music or watch above on YouTube.

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