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SZA Frees Her Mind on Reflective "Good Days" Single

Merry Christmas! With the spirit of giving amongst us, SZA has gifted fans with a brand new single! Following her comeback with the release of September's melodic, floating "Hit Different" single, the care-free soul is back with the highly anticipated release of her newest single, "Good Days!" Released today on Christmas, SZA returns with even more feels, passion, and soul. "Good Days" appeared briefly at the end of the "Hit Different" visual, acting as the outro to the video.

On the new single, listeners find an introspective SZA reflecting on her mind and speaking to herself about a past lover. She longs to return to who she was once was but the thought of this person seems to continuously infiltrate her mind.

"Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out

Get some air now, let your edge out

Too soon, I spoke, you be heavy in my mind

Can you get the heck out?

I need rest now, got me bummed out

You so, you so, you, baby, baby, babe."

Her focus is to maintain her peace and regain the rest of herself. She desires to be whole again. However, her insecurities and worries cause her to believe she may have wasted some of her best years on a lover who has shown his lack of care for her and her emotions. From the lack of communication and love to her own personal battles, SZA desires to free herself of both the external and internal battles. Despite these seemingly never-ending cycles of her love life, she still tries to look onward to good days and not lose hope. She chooses to believe.

SZA even uses biblical references to highlight the pain she's currently enduring. She alludes to the Battle of Jericho in the Book of Joshua, singing that she feels much like the very crumbling walls of Jericho. In another line, she alludes to the story of Job (in which Job lost pretty much everything in his life despite loving and serving God). The longing for control and security is a crucial theme throughout the entire single. SZA desires peace, love, and stability.

"Tell me about my fears, my limitations

I'll disappear, if you let me

Feeling like, yeah (On your own)

Feeling like Jericho

Feeling like Job when he lost his shit

Gotta hold my own, my cross to bear alone,"

Her message is so very relatable and heartfelt as she sings about not wasting our time and youth. And if Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is simply that nothing in life is guaranteed and we should take every moment by the throat and live! If that person chooses not to love you, find someone who will. Although somewhat despondent, SZA still manages to uplift listeners through sub-messaging. Regardless of what life throws at you, handle it with grace and "with a smile" as SZA sings throughout "Good Days." Whatever makes you unhappy, let it go (no matter how hard it may seem... let. it. go.) Choose yourself and choose life.

SZA... we are ready for the album. Let us have it.

Listeners can stream SZA's "Good Days" below on Apple Music or above via YouTube!

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