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Summer Walker - 'CLEAR' EP Review

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

After releasing her previous project, 'Last Day of Summer' back in October, the ATL songstress is back with yet another soothing, refreshing vibe. Released Friday (Jan. 25) at midnight, "CLEAR," the EP contains only 4 songs that are live recordings. As usual, Summer Walker holds nothing back delivering such a sound well beyond her mere 22 years of life.

The EP's first track, "Riot" transmits a very raw appeal in production as Walker begins, "You say you won't love, babe / You say you can give it to me just now how I need / And you think of roses and daisies / And I think of passion and fighting like Hades." She goes on to basically say instead of the mushy, sentimental love she would prefer something chaotic, a real riot.

She does not want the same ole dusty routine. She desires... a change in pace. Although so very young, her voice is so powerful and moving. It tells a story that ascends past her youth and is very relatable to many of her listeners.

Image Source: Twitter

"Grave" is a truly jazz infused vibe that I really appreciate from Walker. Here, she puts her foot down. She declares that if another guy comes around her talking that same tired lingo that she has heard over and over, she's going to explode and "throw a fit."

"What do you get with a body without a soul? / Just a fussy friend, imprinted / Just another name on the role / You don't lay your head nowhere 'cause you ain't a rolling stone / That might work for other kids but not for me, so don't call my phone."

Unapologetically, Walker sets a standard on the record, making it known that her time is not to be wasted (unless you want to unleash the flame within her). She's not to be toyed with and literally puts that on her grave throughout the song. Ironically, the song is more upbeat than her usual tracks although the message she conveys is very serious and not to be taken for granted.

"Wasted" finds Walker compares her love for this mysterious lover to that of alcohol. Using vivid imagery she compares the damaging effects of alcohol to her love and desire for this person. She knows it is not necessarily good for her but she can not help herself. Like an addiction she is feening for this love. "Wanna get wasted with you / Tell me what's good for me but I don't care / Wanna get wasted off you," she bellows from her heart. Her voice is strong, sensual, and eerie all in one. Listeners can hear and feel the passion exploding from her.

"Settling," the last song on the EP mimics the soul-hitting jazz production of "Grave." The bass pumps through your spirit as Walker spills her emotions onto the canvas of our minds as she sings. She comes to a realization that while she cannot live without her lover, she essentially cannot live with them either. She seems to be at a crossroads. She knows she loves this person, but internally she knows it isn't good for her peace of mind.

Image Source: Twitter

Many listeners, especially women will be able to relate to the record, the thoughts, and emotions that Walker delivers in the song. Walker knows this is not necessarily the ideal position she should be in but the love is so sweet like honey to the point that it makes her consider... settling instead of choosing better for herself.

With each release, Summer Walker just gets better and better. Delivering a classic, yet new appeal to R&B that has not been heard from other new artists, Walker is a true force to be reckoned with. While only 22 years old, Summer's voice radiates such a mature aura that people of all ages can honestly enjoy the music, the stories it tells, and the authenticity it relays.

She is definitely up next and I cannot wait to see what is next for her. Another job well done, Ms. Walker.

Stream "CLEAR" here below on Apple Music.

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