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Steve Lacy - "N Side"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Yesterday (Apr. 7.), on Twitter, The Internet took to Twitter to announce that from their group, two solo projects would be releasing very soon (one this month, and one in May).

Following that huge announcement, The Internet's own, Steve Lacy then took to Instagram Monday (Apr. 8) to announce and drop his new single, "N Side." It looks like it's safe to say whose album we can expect this month (maybe)! The single is Lacy's follow up to his 2017 solo debut, Steve Lacy's Demo.

Since that release, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist has still managed to keep busy with the group's release of their fourth album, Hive Mind last July, as well as several contributions to recent projects like Solange's When I Get Home. Lacy is also credited with a feature on Vampire Weekend's "Sunflower" single.

With very serene, dreamy, and hypnotic production Steve Lacy tells this story of a young, budding romance. He sets the scene as he sings to his lover telling her to meet him and to also make out with him.

"Meet me outside of my palace Don't need no approval, girl, you valid Let's make out right by my violets Don't watch me do it, close your eyelids"

It is something very mysterious and exciting about Lacy's voice and artistry. His delivery on the song is very... eerie yet electrifying. Even with the chorus, as he repeats, "Inside, inside, tell me, is it inside?" it leaves the listener with chills running down their spines. Along with the eccentric production, Lacy's voice exhibits a very 80's funk / early 90's R&B appeal.

He continues this story of the new relationship as he sings about the two of them moving so fast, but he's still confident in himself and this new union that he's not afraid to express how much he wants this anonymous person. He is willing to make this relationship last forever. However, he needs to know if the feelings are mutual.

By the end of the record, listeners reach a skit where Lacy is basically asking his lover, "Hey, I know we did rush into this, and we've been together for a little while but I have some serious feelings for you... Are those same feelings for me inside of you?" The entire song is a question to his love. Do you feel for me the way that I feel for you.

It is something about this record that literally puts you in the most peaceful zone there is. Imagine a summer night drive with your love, top down, wind blowing on both your faces and the two of you are just happy to be ... together. The song is intoxicatingly good. Like a fine wine, it literally gets better and better with each play.

If the album mimics the vibe of this single (or does even better), I simply cannot wait for the album Steve!

Stream Steve Lacy's "N-Side" on Apple Music here!

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