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Roselle Dae - "Personal"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

One of the most beautiful qualities of music is its freedom of expression. Music allows us all to express the feelings, thoughts, trials, and tribulations we endure on a regular basis. Whether happy, sad, angry, confused, etc. music is the go to for any and every emotion I can think of (at least for me).

That is why I utilize this blog to truly expose my readers to sounds, vibes, and overall experiences that evoke feeling. When it comes to artists who truly places their all into their craft and artistic expression, the name Roselle Dae can definitely be added amongst the rest.

After a lengthy hiatus from music, Roselle Dae is back (and oh so much better) with her heartfelt record "Personal!" Released Saturday (May 18), "Personal" arrives as the first single to Roselle Dae's upcoming project, "Just a Taste." Produced by PDubCookin, "Personal" is different. The beauty in the production is that it has a vintage yet modern appeal. The beat feels like something from the 90's but it still is so very refreshing and still so very new and distinct.

While just a little short of 2 minutes, the record still makes a statement! Matching the song's title, the DMV singer reflects on growing into a new being, learning from past experiences, and simply taking that respect by force whether anyone wants to give it to her or not! She uses the hardships she has already experienced as fuel to push herself and her craft even the more.

"All I want is some Respect / Tryna learn my lesson, changing my perspective."

She gets right to the nitty gritty as the beat drops. Throughout the track, she makes it clear that ultimate goal at hand is to keep growing. The song paints this visual of Roselle Dae's inner voice speaking to her outside being reminding her to push herself, blind herself from the outside noise, never give up, and to ultimately let no one or nothing walk over her.

Roselle Dae's artistry is very unique and distinct. Her voice is low, alluring, and mysterious. Her spirit and vocals radiates much soul / Neo-soul energy. She successfully intermixes both singing and rapping to create different experience that listeners will enjoy.

"Personal" is essentially a warning shot. Roselle Dae is back, stronger, and ready to explode in the best way possible.

You can listen to Roselle Dae's, "Personal" here on SoundCloud now!

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