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Pink Sweat$ Delivers Soulful EP, "Pink Moon"

To say R&B is "dead" is extremely lazy and false when talents such as Pink Sweat$ exist. David Bowden, better known as the soothing Pink Sweat$ has quietly been delivering pristine bodies of work since 2018. With his soft, serene voice, he sweeps listeners away, transporting them into his Pink Universe. The harmonious artist is back with yet another moving project. Released Friday (Jan. 28), the singer-songwriter has released his newest EP, Pink Moon.

Pink Moon follows after the singer's debut album, 2021's Pink Planet. Holding only 8 songs, Sweat$ fulfills the assignment with flying colors.

Pink Moon is a collection of groovy, eclectic soulful ballads that can exist individually as well as together in a project as such. The EP runs for only 24 minutes but contains diamond after diamond. This time around, the Philly, church-raised crooner enlists a few friends along the journey. 6LACK, Sabrina Claudio, Blxst, Kirby, and Tori Kelly all lend their beautiful talents to the project and elevate the sounds to even higher dimensions.

The tone is set with Pink Moon's opener, titled after the EP. Immediately as the organs begin on the song, you can hear the enriched church background infused within this soul-stirring R&B. It almost feels sacred as Sweat$ sings essentially about making sweet love to his interest. While the lyricism is rather... descriptive and mildly raw (as Sweat$ uses no profanity at all), it's still very pure at heart. It sounds divine despite the topic of discussion.

"Grabbing on your hair and you like that

Grabbing on your hips when you push back

Sticking out that tongue, yeah, I like that

Look me in my eyes when you ride it."

Pink Moon then suavely transitions to the project's first feature, the EP's lead single, "Midnight River." Recruiting 6LACK for yet another trademark swift yet wowing verse, "Midnight River" is angelic. The two assure their lovers they'll be there whenever they call for them no matter the time. The fire continues to build as listeners arrive at the Blxst-assisted, "For Me." Poetic and assuring, Sweat$ declares that whatever is for him in this world will always be for him. Blxst adds a quick, sharp-tongued verse flowing about his fame, wealth, and fortune while being reminded of his past traumas. Despite them, he proclaims that whatever is for him, will remain as Sweat$ takes us to church again.

"Nothing Feels Better" mimics this same notion as he sings about being right where he should be when he's with his lover. He shouts to the Heavens that nothing in the world feels better than her. From her kisses and hugs to her smile and more, she enhances his life.

As the EP continues, we reach the female featured artists portion of the project and it just gets even better!

Beginning with the utterly sensational "Better," Sweat$ ushers in this funky, smooth 70's appealing R&B that feels so good to the core. He sings about getting to know his lover even better than he already does. Whatever she desires to do, he is willing to do. He follows her vibe and makes it a great listen. Kirby flawlessly glides on the track providing the female perspective as she charges him to do what he's saying, really take, the time to explore both her mind and body and get to know her better. A true standout arrives at the touching "Real Thing." Calling on the incomparable Tori Kelly, the two deliver one of the most beautiful ballads of the year. The two blissfully sing about nearly experiencing Heaven on Earth simply by being around the ones they love the most. It's so pure and sweet. Tori's anointed voice takes listeners away. The musicality is just unlike anything else out.

Pink Moon's final feature, "Waiting On You," features Sabrina Claudio and continues to ease the soul. The slow burner oozes pure vibes and grooviness. The two sing about craving intimacy and the euphoria that comes with these physical encounters. They both wait for each other in more ways than one. Being the genius that he is, Sweat$ again incorporates his church background within his music. He adds on what sounds like a choir to aid him and Sabrina as they deliver this sensual, timeless ballad.

Ending the EP the same way he started, Sweat$ takes us to the altar yet again on "Spiritual." Utilizing no features for the final song, he compares the love and touch of his interest to spirituality. Singing lines like "I just came here for your body but girl, you got holiness all in your eyes. Spiritual loving. Girl, you're divine," he uses holy references as he praises his lover's essence. He puts his entire heart on the wax as he sings about going through Hell and fire for this woman. She completes him and makes him feel closer to God. Again, the background choir vocals and production elements elevate the song to higher ground and end Pink Moon beautifully.

Keeping his foot heavy on the gas, Sweat$ delivers yet another compelling, captivating body of work that only sounds better with time. Both his eye and ear for quality sounds and music should not be taken for granted. Pink Moon bends the elements of gospel, pop, and Hip-Hop to his whim to generate a brand new take within the R&B realm. With such distinguished artistry, Pink Sweat$ is a reminder (of many others) that R&B today is alive, thriving, and well.

You can stream Pink Sweat$ "Pink Moon" below.

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