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Nija Dazzles in New Visual for Debut Single "Ease My Mind (Come Over)"

Well, it's about time the world finally recognizes the phenom that is Nija! Although the name may sound new to you, for now, she is no rookie to this game. The young 23-year-old star has already written for some of the world's favorite artists such as Beyoncé, Drake, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, H.E.R., Lady Gaga, and more! Now... it's Nija's turn.

With her first official debut single, "Ease My Mind (Come Over)," the multi-Grammy-winning songwriter adds flavor, zest, and innovation to today's R&B. It's time to put pure RESPECT on the name, Nija Charles.

"Ease My Mind (Come Over)" finds Nija doing what she always does, creating something out of nothing. Mixing both drill music with her slippery, buttery R&B vocals, she innovates an all new mesmerizing sound. Using her pen to speak on her experiences and feelings, the song finds the New Jersey born, L.A. bred songwriter singing about simply ending the day with someone who takes her mind away from reality. When she's with this person, she floats on clouds. They bring her a level of peace & ecstasy that leaves her wanting more for both her body and her mind.

From the very first listen the song is utterly contagious. The melody is entrancing and Nija's vocals along this drill production will have listeners losing themselves everytime they turn this banger on.

Released Tuesday (Aug. 24), the futuristic, Child-directed visual displays Nija under various hues and colors as she sings her heart out. As she dances around, viewers can both hear and see the very star that she was destined to be. Everything about both visual and song feels perfect. As listeners continue to watch the video, they witness the beauty that is Nija. She simply looks made for the camera. Visually, the video is so very stimulating yet subtle. There isn't too much taking place, but it has the perfect ambiance. The setting literally fits the lyrics and makes you fall in love with the song even more.

To say that Nija is "up next" would be an understatement being as though the young star already has multiple Grammy Awards and a decorated list of artists she's worked with all before turning 25. However, it is safe to say, the world is Nija's for the taking. While this may be your first time hearing and seeing Nija Charles, it most certainly will not be your last.

Listen to Nija's "Ease My Mind (Come Over)" below via Apple Music or watch the video above via YouTube.

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