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Mariah the Scientist Returns with New EP, "Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission"

Atlanta's favorite scientist is back! Having teased fans for months about new tunes, Mariah the Scientist has finally returned with her first release of the year. Following her sensational sophomore album, 2021's Ry Ry World, the crooner is back with a brand new EP entitled Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission. Released on Friday (Mar. 11), the project holds only four unreleased songs and runs for approximately 11 minutes. Although extremely concise, the tracks dig even deeper into Mariah's evolving thoughts and emotions.

The beauty in Mariah's music is that there is no specific route throughout it. She displays her emotions in real-time. She uses her sound and songwriting to process both her thoughts and feelings as she experiences them. It's chaotic, yet beautiful. In one moment, she's aggressively in love willing to go to the depths of the world for her lover but in the next, she's disconnected, cold, and unreachable. She finds herself even the more with every release. The Intermission reinforces this chaotic journey further as the young singer navigates through vulnerability, honesty, love, loss, and realizations.

Mariah the Scientist courtesy of Twitter

On the EP's opener, "Church," Mariah worships her lover. With vivid lyricism and raw passion, she praises the very air they breathe. In a state of pure ecstasy and euphoria, Mariah sings of the ways this love transforms her. Using spiritual lyricism, she alludes to them as the preacher, and she the very pews within the church. It's dramatic but it's so infectious. Her airy vocals glide over this groovy mid-tempo banger. No matter where they are or who is around, her focus remains concrete on her partner and the way they elevate her mind, body, and soul.

Just as a rollercoaster is engulfed with surprises, ups, downs, and turns all over, Mariah's mood immediately shifts the same way on "Only Human." Over organic, acoustic-styled production, Mariah softens up even more as she acknowledges her wrongdoings and faults. Utterly apologetic and regretful she owns up to causing harm to her partner and their relationship. Despite the wrongs, she is willing to fix them. Here, Mariah is extremely honest and sincere. She proclaims to them that she will never give them a reason to second guess their love again.

As the EP quickly progresses, the energy takes yet another shift on "Spread Thin" From love and accountability, Mariah then shifts gears to coldness and pain. As she thinks about the lies, deceit, and unfaithfulness of her partner, she calls them out on their selfishness. She makes it clear the only thing that would ever keep them together at this point would simply be honesty. In a way, Mariah sends her lover off reminding them that they are the cause of this love gone sour. The EP's final song, "Boys Don't Cry" poetically yet ironically finds Mariah assuring her lover in the same breath that she aired them out that she will still be there for them. She knows the insides and outs of her partner and while there are some struggles within their pairing, she's still willing to go to the ends of the Earth for them.

Ultimately, Buckles Laboratories Presents The Intermission is much like a tide. Mariah the Scientist's energy flows sporadically. In one moment she is crazy in love, in the very next she is broken and filled with hurt and resentment. Her emotions play a game of tug-of-war throughout her mind and it translates within the music. In this project, she tampers with sound and production more like the music while similar to past tracks, is different and innovative. Her voice sounds stronger and she takes different vocal risks that she may not have been confident about before. She has this attractability within her voice and music that is almost spellbinding as it simply captivates you with every listen. The songs honestly grow better with each play.

The Intermission acts as an appetizer for what's to come. Mariah previously shared that she was working on a Deluxe edition to her Ry Ry World album. While there have not been any other announcements or timelines, it's safe to say Mariah is still in the lab cooking up even more heat for listeners to consume and enjoy.

Stream Mariah the Scientist's Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission below or listen above via YouTube.

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