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Lil Baby Drops Visuals for New Singles "Errbody" and "On Me"

It is an utmost no brainer that 2020 has seen one of the best musical runs from Lil Baby. From his sophomore album, My Turn (back in February), his one-and-done single, the socially charged, "The Bigger Picture," to honestly every feature he's been listed on, the young Atlanta rapper has has been explosive. Keeping that same energy, Baby is ending the year the same way he started... on fire. The artist is back with not only 2 singles, but 2 visuals to accompany the continuous heat.

In celebration of his 26th birthday on Thursday (Dec. 3), Lil Baby decided to satisfy fans with a 2 pack of singles. The rapper took to twitter to both thank his fans for their lovely birthday wishes and also gift them with the releases in return.

On the cocky "Errybody," a braggadocios Lil Baby declares that he's literally flyer than everyone. From fashion and luxury living to his flow and street lifestyle, Baby proclaims the various ways that he is incomparable to his opposition. The track also finds him name dropping a list of notable figures such as Lebron, his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, & Megan Thee Stallion.

On Lil Baby's second single, "On Me," the artist gets deeper beginning his first set of verses rapping about his son, saving money instead of spending it, and also being human & making mistakes. With a melodic flow, Baby continues highlighting his luxury lifestyle, movie-like sex life, and making more money than most make in their lifetimes. However, he's still hungry for more.

"I don't think nobody 'round still but I still check

I don't got a hunnid mill' yet, I can't chill yet

But don't get it misconstrued, yeah, I get real checks

Baby f***in' like a pornstar, we have real sex."

As 2020 thankfully reaches its end, it is unclear if these singles are a hint at a future Lil Baby project or simply just a true gift just to give to fans. Either way, the 2-piece-combo is great and listeners will be grateful for more tunes from him.

You can stream Lil Baby's "Errybody" & "On Me" on Apple Music below and watch the visuals above on YouTube.

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