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Kehlani Shares Cinematic Visual for Brand New Single "Little Story"

Kehlani is back! Having taken us to the "Altar" back in September, the 26-year-old returns with yet another moving record, "Little Story." While they have been taking more time to heal, be present, travel, and enjoy life, album mode Kehlani is for sure amongst us.

Released Thursday (Feb. 24), "Little Story" arrives as Kehlani's second official release from their highly anticipated upcoming third studio album, Blue Water Road. The heartfelt single is accompanied by a moving, cinematic visual that tells this story of Kehlani's desire to be a part of their lover's story. Enveloped with love, Kehlani wants to make this a forever thing. Prior to the release of both the video and song they took to Instagram to tease the new moving record while also guaranteeing that the Blue Water Road has already been completed. Because of this, Kehlani decided to gift fans and music lovers with a meaningful appetizer to "hold" them over until the main course is served.

Co-directed by both Kehlani and Alexandra Thurmond, the simplistic, black-and-white video showcases a vulnerable bare Kehlani as viewers and listeners take a trek into Kehlani's ongoing thoughts and world. From the start of the song, Kehlani upholds her truth in a passionate raw light. "Wouldn't say I'm a liar, but I'm not always honest. I ain't come through, but that's why I ain't promise," Lani candidly sings over acoustic production. Surrounded by a group of beautiful, chocolatey goddesses, Kehlani sings about meeting their lover at the altar and even becoming softer for them.

Graceful and glowing, Kehlani shines like the brightest star throughout the entire video. With the clearest vision, they usher in what might be their most healed, assured era yet. Kehlani's vocals are crisp, intentional, and passionate. As the song continues to escalate, listeners can hear the confidence and fire within Kehlani. The elegantly minimalistic video transitions to the outdoors... where Kehlani feels the most centered and at peace. Engulfed in tall grass and surrounded by sunflowers, their energy increases. Both Kehlani's distinct vocal display and ear for music are unlike any other artist out. Every lyric, key, and pitch change is executed flawlessly. There is much maturation within Kehlani's sound this time around and it translates beautifully on screen as well.

The beautiful visual ends with its main star, Kehlani's precious 2-year-old daughter, Adeya. Stealing viewers' hearts, Adeya graciously plays in the water with her mommy and gives her a big kiss before the captivating body of art ends.

From the altar to creating a little story, it's safe to say that this new era might be the most expressive, honest, and healing one yet. Originally set to release this winter, Kehlani pushed the Blue Water Road's release back further to not only take time for themselves but also to truly expound on the art at hand. While there is no updated release date, Kehlani is coming very soon.

Stream Kehlani's "Little Story" below or watch the video above.

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