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Kehlani Releases New Single/Self-Directed Video for "Everybody Business"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Continuing to keep her foot on the gas, R&B crooner, Kehlani is back again with another dope moving single, "Everybody Business." Released Today (Apr. 16), arriving as what appears to be a single from her highly-anticipated album, "Everybody Business" continues her familiar theme of transparency as she peels back even more layers to her life tackling the opinions and critiques of well... everyone.

Lani teased the single (and her album) late Wednesday (Apr. 15) night on Instagram as she shared a passionate post of continuing to release her music despite the current conditions of the world today.

"Hi i’m dropping music i care about from an album i rlly care about tomorrow. quarantined or not i’m going to continue with my mode of expression because my art works in real time," Kehlani shared. She continued sharing her evolution and development as an artist since she first arrived on the scene and the importance of her artistry and remaining true to herself.

Stepping into both her producer and director bag, "Everybody Business" is actually the 24 year-old songstress' first self-produced work. The Hyphy Williams edited video is also directed by her as well. Following her quarantine-styled visual for "Toxic," Kehlani again keeps the visuals very minimalistic and respectful to the social distancing guidelines as the entire video takes place in her beautiful backyard and around her home. She makes it clear that COVID-19 will not stop her in any shape or form.

The powerful visual begins taking aim at the trolls, haters, and negative people who constantly tear down Kehlani with bad comments, rude posts, and hurtful words about Kehlani and her rather public love life. With nothing more than headphones, a microphone, and a monochrome burgundy outfit, Kehlani basically claps back at all of them (gracefully of course) telling them essentially, "I hear and see what you fools say. You people know nothing about me... Y'all sit and talk about me and mind my business every day instead of living your own lives."

She knows she's stronger than all of the headlines, assumptions, rumors, and utter lies. She makes it clear that she will not run away or be broken by any of the noise. At one point, Lani even urges her listeners and fans to not even engage with the fake news and trash the haters say about her life.

"So, if you hear that rah-rah-rah about me

Talkin' all out the side of they mouth about me

I beg you, don't listen

I beg you, just hear me

Believe me

Trust you can see through it all."

Lani beautifully credits Pharrell's "Frontin'" song flipping the lyrics for her hook (she's just so great) and manages to create a vintage-yet-new appeal in the song. Her pen, vulnerability, and transparency continues to grow with each record. Like an endless river of honey, her voice floats over the beat leaving you feeling at peace, safe, and warm.

"Everybody Business" follows a string of singles, such as, "Toxic" and her heartbreaking "Valentine's Day (Shameful)." As previously stated, she shows no signs of letting up and we are utterly grateful about it. While there has been no official release date for her upcoming album, fans worldwide are most definitely ready for whatever Kehlani has in store for them.

You can watch the video for Kehlani's, "Everybody Business" above or stream the single below on all streaming platforms!

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